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2014 Coming into Focus

Each year at this time I start correlating the miles I cycled over the year and begin to formulate plans for the following year.  Unfortunately this year I fell considerably short in the mileage due to a nagging injury that appears to finally be on a path to recovery thanks to an aggressive physical therapy treatment plan.  Each year I set my sights on more challenging goals then the year before and 2014 is no different.  If my calculations are correct, I was only able to accomplish 50% of my targeted mileage for the 2013 riding season with just over 2,400 miles ridden.  While the 2014 riding plan is starting to come into focus, I remain somewhat hesitant to set my goals too high…ah what the heck it’s not as much fun if you limit yourself right ?

For the 2014 riding season I plan to participate in longer events including 24hrs of Booty both in Charlotte and Columbia.  My goals for both of the events will be to finally break the 200 + mileage barrier, possibly even getting closer to the 300 miles barrier.  In addition there will be many local rides in which I will participate in that will hopefully better prepare for my ultimate 2014 goal of completing in my 1st double Century.  In addition, I hope to continue my annual participation in the 100 Miles of Nowhere Fat Cyclists Challenge, only in 2014 I don’t plan on doing this one on a ¼ mile loop as the 2013 Miles of Nowhere was just too painful of an event to repeat.

If you have been keeping up with my posts you know that the real plan for 2014 will be to continue to promote the efforts of Cyclists4ACause and help to bring to light the work local organizations are doing in the fight against cancer.   One theme, of the many, for 2014 is “Recognize the local organizations and support groups that are Taking the Fight To Cancer”. In addition, I hope to expand the concept that cyclists coming together as a group can indeed make a difference.

While 2014 promises to be a challenging year, it all kicks off on 1 January with the annual New Year’s Day ride in what promises to be a cold and possibly even bone chilling event if recent forecasts are any measure of predictability.  However I can’t think of a more fitting way to ring in the New Year than with a 20+miler (weather permitting).

As we approach the holiday season I thought it might be a prudent to put cycling into perspective with regards to how much we will eat.

The typical single Turkey plate consisting of 2-3 slices of turkey, vegetables, stuffing, and potatoes w/ gravy is approx. 800 calories or equivalent to 1hr of cycling at a moderate level

A typical desert plate (two pieces of pie w/ whip cream) is approx. 600 calories.  Add another hour to  cycling !

So by my math, I will need at least 2hrs of cycling to counteract what promises to be yet another outstanding Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Holidays and even better Cycling !




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2014 The Year of Booty !!

So if the title of the blog didn’t catch your attention hopefully the content will.  In this week’s blog I thought  i would start identifying some of the 2014 cycling rides that Cyclists4ACause will be participating in with the hopes that fellow cycling enthusiasts and blog readers might consider joining or even guest blog on some of their own upcoming 2014 rides that they hope to participate in.

While there are many rides that I participate in either for training purposes or in to support  my annual ride that I most look forward to is the 24hrs of Booty ride in Columbia Maryland. There are 4 separate 24hrs of Booty rides in other cities such as Indianapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Columbia. For me it is a matter of great enjoyment to participate in the 24hrs of Booty in Columbia MD and to support the work the local community does in coming together all in the fight against cancer. For those that are unfamiliar with the ride, the 24hrs of Booty is a semi closed 2+ mile loop circuit where riders have the opportunity to ride as many or as few laps as they want.

There are riders of ALL levels who participate in this event. In my opinion the great thing about this ride is that even if you are the most novice of all novice riders you get the opportunity to see the same riders come by every few minutes, as such it’s a great motivator to see the same rider pass you over and over again. There are riders that set goals of 50, 100, 200, 300 and even 400+ miles in the 24hrs. I can only dream of doing 400 miles in a 24hr period and it is truly amazing to watch all the riders set and accomplish their individual goals. In addition to the ride itself an area is set up so riders and teams can set up tents in camp Booty to allow riders the opportunity to take a break and get some much needed sleep when the need arises. In addition to Camp Booty an area is set up that provides riders around the clock refreshments, meals, healthcare, and even entertainment for the entire 24 hours. In general it’s a party atmosphere for the entire 24 hours. Their motto is “Show up with a bike, any bike. The rest is taken care of” and the organizers have hit that mark out of the park.

While the ride itself and the support provided is worthy of participation, discussion and appreciation the real purpose of the event is the coming together of riders, volunteers and the local community in the fight against cancer. One of the more emotional events, and there are many, of the ride is the 1st loop of survivors where all participating cancer survivors lead all the rest of the riders in the 1st loop of the event. That alone is worthy of participation!!

For more information on the 24hrs of Booty series either as a Rider or Volunteer please check out .

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Intro to VA Cyclists 4A Cause

Part of the blog contest is to write 500 words each week now through January and to socialize your blog on a social networking site. While I have no reasonable expectation to actually win the contest, the contest is more about learning and sharing your thoughts on your passion. Of course coming up with something to write about, let alone 500 words regarding a weekly subject, that I would hope would be interesting enough to read is really the challenge for me.
I do appreciate the positive and even some negative feedback on my blog page. I guess when you share your ideas there will always be the critics out there who feel the need to voice their opinion on the matter, I’m just glad folks are reading the posts. The purpose of this blog page is to continue to promote the fight against cancer and hopefully bring together others in the fight as well. For many of us we challenge ourselves in sporting events while at the same time trying to bring awareness to a cause.

While there are many organizations out there with similar goals, the purpose of the VA Cyclists4ACause (VC4AC) is to bring together cyclists (not necessarily from VA) to support in the cancer fight. The uniqueness of this effort allows you to pick what charity to support and there is no predetermined or mandatory fund raising limits required to participate. So whether you raise $10K or $10 or anywhere in between, it will always be about the cause. It even allows you to pick a local charity that might otherwise go unfunded or even worse unappreciated and unrecognized. For me there is nothing more satisfying than to raise money for a local charity or organization that is located right in your own city, town or even neighborhood. You might be surprised how many local charities there are within your own local community and normally they are the ones that are struggling financially but yet still provide quality in services to those that they serve.

I have been involved in the cancer fight for many years and have participated in numerous local and non-local events. Each event has been special and has proven to me the need to continue in the fight. I will always be impressed by the large teams who raise large amounts of money to support a single organization. But at the same time I always look for that one individual who is usually standing alone or riding on their own with little fanfare, usually in support of a less advertised or commercially supported organization. I believe their story is no less important to the fight.
For VC4AC there is still a great deal of work to be done. Fund raising is next on the agenda and we will explore ways to incorporate fund raising directly from the Cyclists4ACause site that goes directly to the charity of your individual choosing, no “admin” fees, no fees to support “coaching”. Every dollar you raise goes to the charity you select. In addition, I hope to roll out a calendar of events that will show where some events are planned that VC4AC members will be participating in and maybe a short bio of each of our members.

There is a lot to do in this effort and it promises to be a great ride.

Thanks for checking in….

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