Intro to VA Cyclists 4A Cause

Part of the blog contest is to write 500 words each week now through January and to socialize your blog on a social networking site. While I have no reasonable expectation to actually win the contest, the contest is more about learning and sharing your thoughts on your passion. Of course coming up with something to write about, let alone 500 words regarding a weekly subject, that I would hope would be interesting enough to read is really the challenge for me.
I do appreciate the positive and even some negative feedback on my blog page. I guess when you share your ideas there will always be the critics out there who feel the need to voice their opinion on the matter, I’m just glad folks are reading the posts. The purpose of this blog page is to continue to promote the fight against cancer and hopefully bring together others in the fight as well. For many of us we challenge ourselves in sporting events while at the same time trying to bring awareness to a cause.

While there are many organizations out there with similar goals, the purpose of the VA Cyclists4ACause (VC4AC) is to bring together cyclists (not necessarily from VA) to support in the cancer fight. The uniqueness of this effort allows you to pick what charity to support and there is no predetermined or mandatory fund raising limits required to participate. So whether you raise $10K or $10 or anywhere in between, it will always be about the cause. It even allows you to pick a local charity that might otherwise go unfunded or even worse unappreciated and unrecognized. For me there is nothing more satisfying than to raise money for a local charity or organization that is located right in your own city, town or even neighborhood. You might be surprised how many local charities there are within your own local community and normally they are the ones that are struggling financially but yet still provide quality in services to those that they serve.

I have been involved in the cancer fight for many years and have participated in numerous local and non-local events. Each event has been special and has proven to me the need to continue in the fight. I will always be impressed by the large teams who raise large amounts of money to support a single organization. But at the same time I always look for that one individual who is usually standing alone or riding on their own with little fanfare, usually in support of a less advertised or commercially supported organization. I believe their story is no less important to the fight.
For VC4AC there is still a great deal of work to be done. Fund raising is next on the agenda and we will explore ways to incorporate fund raising directly from the Cyclists4ACause site that goes directly to the charity of your individual choosing, no “admin” fees, no fees to support “coaching”. Every dollar you raise goes to the charity you select. In addition, I hope to roll out a calendar of events that will show where some events are planned that VC4AC members will be participating in and maybe a short bio of each of our members.

There is a lot to do in this effort and it promises to be a great ride.

Thanks for checking in….

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