2014 The Year of Booty !!

So if the title of the blog didn’t catch your attention hopefully the content will.  In this week’s blog I thought  i would start identifying some of the 2014 cycling rides that Cyclists4ACause will be participating in with the hopes that fellow cycling enthusiasts and blog readers might consider joining or even guest blog on some of their own upcoming 2014 rides that they hope to participate in.

While there are many rides that I participate in either for training purposes or in to support  my annual ride that I most look forward to is the 24hrs of Booty ride in Columbia Maryland. There are 4 separate 24hrs of Booty rides in other cities such as Indianapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Columbia. For me it is a matter of great enjoyment to participate in the 24hrs of Booty in Columbia MD and to support the work the local community does in coming together all in the fight against cancer. For those that are unfamiliar with the ride, the 24hrs of Booty is a semi closed 2+ mile loop circuit where riders have the opportunity to ride as many or as few laps as they want.

There are riders of ALL levels who participate in this event. In my opinion the great thing about this ride is that even if you are the most novice of all novice riders you get the opportunity to see the same riders come by every few minutes, as such it’s a great motivator to see the same rider pass you over and over again. There are riders that set goals of 50, 100, 200, 300 and even 400+ miles in the 24hrs. I can only dream of doing 400 miles in a 24hr period and it is truly amazing to watch all the riders set and accomplish their individual goals. In addition to the ride itself an area is set up so riders and teams can set up tents in camp Booty to allow riders the opportunity to take a break and get some much needed sleep when the need arises. In addition to Camp Booty an area is set up that provides riders around the clock refreshments, meals, healthcare, and even entertainment for the entire 24 hours. In general it’s a party atmosphere for the entire 24 hours. Their motto is “Show up with a bike, any bike. The rest is taken care of” and the organizers have hit that mark out of the park.

While the ride itself and the support provided is worthy of participation, discussion and appreciation the real purpose of the event is the coming together of riders, volunteers and the local community in the fight against cancer. One of the more emotional events, and there are many, of the ride is the 1st loop of survivors where all participating cancer survivors lead all the rest of the riders in the 1st loop of the event. That alone is worthy of participation!!

For more information on the 24hrs of Booty series either as a Rider or Volunteer please check out http://www.24hoursofbooty.org .

Thank you for Checking in !!!

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