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Has it already been another week? It’s amazing how time flies when you are having so much fun.

I’m not sure I am going to make the minimum 500 word weekly word count requirement this week but maybe if I type really really slow maybe I can do it.  I’ve made some minor updates to the Cyclists4ACause site to start including events that Cyclists4ACause will have representatives participating in in 2014. While I am not worrying about the format right now as for some reason I allowed by graphics designer to take some well-deserved vacation, but when he returns I hope to make some improvements to the site. I always believed it was better to get the information out there then get caught up in the design “churn”.

In addition I have added a Fundraising page that will be used to post links to any fundraising website that you have set up to support your cause. So in theory, you will be able to offer your donors just one more reference to help locate and raise funds to help in the cause of your choosing.

I am extremely happy to report that one of our biggest supporters and a great sounding board behind the concept of Cyclists4ACause and local fellow bike rider was selected to ride in an awesome ride next year. I have watched her complete her very first century ride last year in the Tour De Chocolate in Hershey PA. I am hopeful that she will allow us to tell her story in the future so please stay tuned for further updates as she prepares and starts training to participate in what can only best be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to provide some fundraising assistance necessary for her to once again Take the Fight TO Cancer.

We also picked up some new supporters to Cyclists4ACause. Currently we have representatives from Virginia, California, Florida, Connecticut, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If I missed anyone please let me know ! We hope to have more and more states represented in the near future and as the 2014 riding season / sports season gets closer.

Training for me is currently taking a slow course, but I remain optimistic that through Physical Therapy and some well-designed and more important well timed executed strengthening program, I can be back on the bike before the end of the year consistently. Right now I am happy if I can get in at least 1 or 2 rides per week obviously weather permitting. It is hard to believe today it was 77degrees and they were calling for possible snow showers within 48hrs. If that is indeed the case I might just have to break out the Mountain bike. The good thing about this down time is it provides the opportunity to catch up on my reading and develop even a better training plan that 2013. 

Again, I thank everyone for their comments and suggestions both positive and negative regarding what we are attempting to accomplish here.

Thanks for checking in…

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