Goodbye 2013 and Hello to 2014 !!

As this is the last weekend of 2013 prior to the start of the 2014 I thought it would be a good time to once again review some idea as to where we are going (hopefully) and where we’ve been.

Traditionally this time of year everyone gets into swing of establishing their own New Year’s resolutions and what changes (if any) they hope to make in the coming year. I happen to 100 % agree with that philosophy however I am the first one to admit that most of my New Year’s resolutions are centered around two things (1) My professional role and (2) Cycling and likely not in that order !! Unfortunately however I have not yet found a way to combine both roles, although I am still working on that. My goal for my professional role remains as it always has been and that is to continue to improve my Teams relevance and continue to provide outstanding support to America’s warfighters.

Regarding my cycling goals and resolutions I am still working on those, but my main goal is to enter 2014 with a frame of mind of injury prevention. Each year I am sidelined for a period of time due to injury. While I am entering 2014 already with an injury, I remain hopeful that my current physical therapy and conditioning program will help me to continue to improve. While I have been biking 3 or 4 times per week I actually find myself feeling better the days that I bike vs. the days that I don’t and I am hoping this will continue. While I am remain cautiously optimistic, I will also remain aware of when my body starts telling me to stop or slow down. I would love to set my mileage goal as I traditionally do each year but this year I am going to adjust from one month to another, however if pushed to make a goal I am hoping to reach last year’s goal of at least 4,000 miles, (See, I can’t NOT make a goal !!).

Regarding Cyclists4ACause, we continue to pick up potential new members and we will have to wait and see if more become involved. As I meet more and more cyclists and I have the opportunity to explain who we are and what we hope to accomplish, many seem to question the idea initially as this is an entirely new philosophy in organization and group think. The most common question I get is “how much to join” and my response is “nothing, zero,” and when they ask “why not?” I normally respond “Why should you pay an organization an entrance fee when you are trying to either raise funds or a charity that YOU choose to train for and represent and believe in”. While we may not have the highly decorated and sought after red, white or purple cycling Jerseys (we are still working on our own) we believe that the organization or specific cause that you wish to represent and train hard to bring awareness to as well as fundraise for doesn’t require a personal commitment from you other than your desire to make a difference and bring awareness to the Cancer fight. Cyclists4ACause will continue to help raise funds and awareness for charities and nonprofits in the fight against cancer without the need of a “buy in”.

Finally we want to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous and safe New Year!

Thanks for Checking in !!!

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