Cyclists4ACause January Update

Greetings everyone,

I hope all who were in the path of the most recent storm to hit the East Coast have survived. It has certainly been awhile since Virginia was hit with this much snow, but it looks like most of the roads are slowing being cleared.  However obviously the storm has somewhat limited the ability to get any road biking in for the last week or so.  So far in January we have been lucky enough to get a few opportunities to get out and the rest of the time we have spent indoors either on the stationary bike and/or the trainer.   In total we hope to reach 400+ miles for the 1st month of the year which will . hopefully keep us on track to accomplish 5K for the year.  I am trying hard to find a balance between inside training and outdoor riding as nothing can replace riding outside even in the cold, however the snow is a totally different challenge we aren’t ready to undertake.

When the opportunity did present itself and I was able to ride outside I ventured out to the Virginia / North Carolina State line and the tranquil Dismal Swamp area where they have an 8.5 mile paved trail that sees little to no traffic during the day. The only traffic that normally exists is an occasional deer or bear but normally they only come out at night.  I haven’t seen a bear for years and I would like to keep it that way.  The really nice thing about the Dismal Swamp trail is the ability to plug in your headphone and ride to music which I would not advocate doing on any roads where you might run into traffic.  Safety is paramount !!

The 2014 cycling plan is coming together nicely. Cyclists4ACause is planning some epic rides and we hope to have more information forthcoming. We are currently researching putting on a SPIN-A-THON to help raise funds as well as bring awareness to the Cancer fight. We are excited to join up with some of our supporters all in the name to help bring awareness in the Cancer fight.

We hope to have some pictures posted soon as we continue to venture on this journey.

Cycling Tip of the Week

–  A lot of cyclists get caught up with where to place cleats on shoes.  The truth of the matter is , unless you’re a professional cyclists and targeting a specific speality (Sprints, Climbing, etc..) the chances are your one of the many of us mere mortals that just want to survive a ride.  I recommend putting your cleats where you feel comfortable (yes, it’s that simple).  I have found putting your cleats too far forward puts excessive pressure on the balls of your feet which after a lengthy ride can truly be painful. Lately I have re-aligned my cleats further back to take pressure off the front of my foot and in doing so I have a much more relaxed foot position and I seem to still be able to maintain power, although clipping out seems to be more of a chore.  I suspect the best position is somewhere in the middle.


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