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Cyclists4ACause March Update and Cycling Tip

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stay up to date on Cyclists4ACause. I figured it was time to get an update out there so here it goes…

Training continues to go well. We had a slight break from the snow / cold and even had a few days where the temperatures got into the 70’s. Fortunately I was able to get out and get some good miles in during that time, but as always is the case in Virginia the weather has since turned colder and we are back to having to bundle up for the outdoor rides. There seems to be more and more cyclists out there every day despite the cold and inconsistent weather so we hope that trends continues.

Sometime over the last week or so we went over our 1000 mile (Road + Trainer) milestone in route to what hopefully will be a 5K year. I’m still taking it slow and trying keeping the mileage down to no greater than 20-25miles for any single ride/effort. I was able to sneak in a 40miler the other day with no detrimental impact but I do not want to risk back to back long days yet. My goal is to continue this upward trend until I can get back to riding 50miles consistently and with little to no repercussions the days following. There are a few metric centuries coming up later this year and I hope to get a few of those in, but that also means I need to start doing some hill work which I am a bit hesitant to try yet. The one thing I learned during this come back is how so important core strength is to a rider. I never previously took this into account and always counted on my leg strength to get me through any difficult rides.

Cyclists4ACause was able to collect and provide some support to a great bunch of folks who will be riding from Baltimore MD to Key West FL later in the year. This group has their work cut out for them but it should be a great ride and support a great cause. I am anxious to hear the route they will take as I hope to have some supplies / support somewhere along the ride for them when they come though on their epic journey.

Training Tip #4
With the rash of cold / brutal air this season and the fact that I started the training cycle back in January, which is 2 months earlier than any previous year, I relearned the importance of dressing warm. Let us be clear, even if I dress warm I still hate to ride in the cold ! Not sure if it is my imagination but everything on the bike seems to work in SLOW motion. The brakes don’t seem as responsive and the gears don’t seem as smooth. It may also be the fact that the rider is doing everything slower but I rather blame it on the bike. Nevertheless the key to cold weather riding is the ability to dress in layers. The other key is to walk outside and if you feel cold despite having your cycling kit on go back inside and put more layers on. You should actually feel warm and be able to ask yourself “did I over dress ?” If you start off on a ride feeling cold chances are it’s not going to get any better and more than likely it will get worse and get worse quickly. It is so much better to start off feeling warm and slowly shed the layers if you’re able to during the ride, than to start off cold and hope you warm up. I’m still finding it increasingly difficult to drink on colder rides but hydration is as important on colder rides as it is on warmer/hot rides. There are a lot of tricks to shedding your layers while riding but if you plan your route right you might be able to leverage some stops along the route where you can stash some gear and pick them up later, just make sure you pick them up as Cyclists don’t litter !! It’s even better to have a support vehicle available for the longer rides but that usually is hard to come by as most cyclists would rather ride than drive but support vehicles provide both a safety aspect and a huge convenience to the riders with the ability to stash supplies.

Thanks for checking in and stay safe  & warm on your rides….

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