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The Importantance of the Patient Navigator

I continue to be encouraged by my friends and family to keep the blog posts going as WE continue this adventure and what an adventure it promises to be. Don’t forget that all donations are tax-deductible, meaning that as the end of the year approaches you can still take advantage of donating to this worthy cause while also taking advantage of a tax donation. WIN – WIN !!

As we gain more momentum on a lot of great ideas that are coming our way on how best to maximize our fund-raising and awareness efforts, I can’t say this enough, WE cannot do this journey without YOU.

I get many questions as to where these donations go. In this case the funds that YOU contribute will help place a Patient Navigator at local MD Cancer Hospitals including Walter Reed Medical Center to assist cancer patients and family in navigating the many hurdles associated with cancer treatment. These Patient Navigators are truly providing outstanding services to not only the cancer patient but to their immediate familiesl.

Deb and I were not fortunate enough to have a patient navigator to help us through the mine field. At the time, I was stationed onboard USS George Washington with the possibility of immediate overseas deployment. As you can imagine while my loyalty to the Navy was always a priority it immediately took a back seat to the challenges that Deb was about to undertake.

Imagine a young service member being told “You have Cancer” and being issued orders to report back to the states leaving his/her family and friends behind when they need them the most.

The patient navigator that YOU will help put in place at Walter Reed will help those service members navigate through the process and provide support and assistance.


I can not think of a more honorable calling then to be able to provide assistance to our outstanding service men and women when they need it the most. To all my friends and family please consider donating today and to all those that I have served with please help me help those that need it the most.

For more information on Walter Reed Medical Center where America Heals their Heroes please check out

Walter Reed Medical Center


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