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60+ Days Till Launch

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in. It’s been awhile since I posted an update and thought it was time to do so.  Thanks for all the support both financially in donations as well as all your words of encouragement and support, such as sharing of page to better help make aware of what we ALL are trying to accomplish.  I’ve attempted to make it fun in some ways to spearhead donations but truly every dollar no matter how small or large is much appreciated and goes to help cancer patients and we have never, nor will we ever lose sight of that fact.

In just over 60 days we will be launching from Key Highway in Baltimore Maryland in route to Key West Florida.  While I don’t know exactly what to expect on the ride, I have thrown my faith and trust in those that are coordinating and my fellow riders.  Many of the 2015 riders are return riders from earlier year rides.

Just to clarify, what I do know is that we will have a great ride. The leadership at the UCF have promised tailwinds the entire way. I think it’s important to also recognize the Drivers and Support Drivers that will help ensure our safety and navigation along the way. No team will ever be without a support vehicle and that is critical to our mission. We will even have a videographer with us to help document the ride.

I am excited to hopefully have the opportunity to meet some of my friends along the route as we travel through the states. While the exact route is still being planned out we will be stopping off in Virginia Beach ( I always wanted to visit there) , Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, Jacksonville FL, Daytona Beach, FT Lauderdale FL, Key Largo and Key West FL.

I encourage my followers to read some of the bios and reasons why other members of my team are riding.  We have a diverse field of passionate riders all dedicated to making this event (Much more of a ride) a huge success.

Again, thanks for checking and any donations would be greatly appreciated.



Steve & Deb



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