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Getting Close !!!

Greetings everyone and thank you for checking in…

By now you know we are just under a month before we will begin the journey from Baltimore MD with the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx route to Key West FL. If you have been following along you will notice that once again I say , we (the entire team) could not have done this without the support of each of our family and friends as well as each other. You all have been amazing in providing not only donations, but words of encouragement as well as assistance in helping to share the 2015 Key to Keys experience. I can promise you that the story is only beginning, so stayed tuned for more updates as we get closer to the 11 April send off in Baltimore as well as during the ride itself.

To date the team has raised nearly $105,000 that will go to provide continued support to cancer patients in the fight against cancer. We aren’t stopping there and will continue the drive to our goal of $150,000. Please consider donating to any member of the team as you read through their individual reasons for participating. It is truly an amazing group to be associated with in the fight against cancer.

We still have some surprises in store between now and the time we arrive in Key West so please check back often. Thanks again for all the support.

Thanks for checking in ….




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