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Right NOW….

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in…

All is well in the training world. Recently, I had a great opportunity to participate in a local ride in beautiful Smith Field, Virginia and it was great to see so many riders enjoying the “rolling” hills of Smith Field, but it sure seemed to be much more up than down.

Last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) identified 4 cancer nonprofits as “shams”.  As you can imagine, this has stirred some conversations and caused some anxiety for us regarding who to support in the future.  I can assure you that there are good people doing honorable work in the cancer fight each and every day.

More importantly there are some great efforts being made by  ordinary people  (though I”d argue all are extraordinary) in helping to bring awareness to not only to the Cancer Fight but other worthwhile causes.  As an example:

Right NOW there is a single individual riding his bike across country and back with a goal of reaching 10,000 miles all in an effort to help raise awareness in the Children’s Cancer Fight.  Check out his story and follow along in his journey by visiting the Ken’s 10,000 Miles for Childhood Cancer Facebook page.

Right NOW there is a 9 year trying to bring awareness about AML Leukemia.  Check out her Facebook page by “liking” and following along her story by visiting Tionna’s Walk

Right NOW there is nearly 11,000 Cyclists committed to helping raise awareness to the Children’s Cancer Fight by participating in the Great Cycle Challenge USA.  To Date nearly $600K has been raised in this effort.

Right NOW there is an effort to help support the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by participating in any of the Great Strides events  nationwide.

Right NOW there are many of my friends (ok, not as many as before but still) and fellow cancer advocates training for upcoming events, Triathlons, Cycling Challenges, Full and Half Marathons all in an effort to help bring awareness to the Cancer Fight.

Right NOW there is a group of 180 college students preparing to journey 4,000 miles across America offering hope, inspiration and support to cancer communities they meet along the way.  I have high hopes for this team as they are tomorrow’s leaders who will bring inspiration to those they meet and will earn the trust where it needs to be earned, out on the road. Follow along on their journey by visiting 4K For Cancer Fb page.

Hopefully this reminds us all that it’s truly about doing something and finding the passion and desire to help others, more than ourselves, and not feeling guilty about it. 

Cancer Changes Lives….so can YOU !!

Good luck to ALL!!! 




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Kids Get Cancer Too

 Greetings Everyone and Thank you for Checking in……

Training continues to go well and we are excited for the future although exact events that we will be participating in are still being considered. There are many upcoming rides and monthly cycling challenges in which we can help to promote the cancer fight and the great work many organizations are doing to help those and their families that need it most.

Recently I had the honor and privilege to present a true cancer fighter his honoree 2015 Key to Keys Jersey.  For those that were following along during the Key  to Keys ride, each day we held a dedication circle where we were each given an opportunity to tell and share who we were riding for that day.   The Dedication Circle experience remains one of the high points of the journey.  The stories and emotions that were shared and the support given and support received was genuine, and for that I will truly feel blessed by the experience.

During one Dedication Circle I stated I  was riding for Wes and that day I rode with Wes’ “I Ride For” button seen below.  While I didn’t know Wes’ story completely or even met Wes, , I did know that he is the epitome of what the K2K journey was and should always be about, and that is and will always be, recognizing and supporting those impacted by  cancer and helping to change lives in the process. He also should remind us as to the reason people with different visions and experiences should and can come together to help fight this disease and help to change lives in the process.

During K2K we rode for family, friends,  and friends of family & friends that we may not have known directly and while they are no less important to the reason we rode, it was truly a remarkable experience to present Wes’ with this Jersey and in a single moment understand all the good that can come out of the K2K experience while seeing the smile on a young boy who should inspire us all to work and come together to make it so.

I would encourage all my readers to check out Wes’ story and the battles that he and his family are so courageously fighting by following the link below to his Caring Fund raising page.  Please consider any size donation, after all “Kids Get Cancer Too”.

Wes’ Fund Raising Page

Thanks for checking in….

WesWes Button.

-Steve &  Deb


MY Not so Weekly Update…..

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in

It’s been a quiet few weeks since my return from Florida and training continues to ramp up as we move forward in the riding season.

Thank you to the 43+ donors that supported the fund raising effort and everyone who supported us through their words and encouragement.  A special thank you to many  of you for supporting other riders and for putting your trust in us, which at the time, was a good faith effort in an attempt to assist others with reaching their individual and overall team goals.  Unfortunately I don’t know the final outcome of the total fund raising but I do know the team was successful in funding the patient navigator position who will assist America’s warriors and heroes as they battle cancer.  Thank you !!

We continue to believe there are organizations out there worthy of our collective support and efforts.  Please continue to trust that we will continue to seek out and find those organizations which best support what we believe should be the #1 mission of those organizations and that is, and will always be, providing only the best in support to those impacted by cancer and who are willing to work to bring a diverse group of individuals to support that mission in a respectful, courteous, and safe manner for all participant’s.

For those that have been following along, May is National Bike month and I am using it as a tune up to the Great Cycling Challenge that begins in June and which helps to bring awareness to the Children’s Cancer Fight.

This year, Deb and I have opted out of our yearly tradition of participating in the 24hrs of Booty ride in Columbia MD benefiting many local and national organizations.  This was the ride where we traditionally celebrated not only Deb’s personal victory, but in memory of all those who have fought or are now fighting.  We will miss the camaraderie and the entire 24hours of Booty experience, but we will be looking at other options in the future to start a new and exciting tradition.

We hope to connect with some of my long time and even some of my new cycling friends as well as family and friends throughout the year in discussion about how best to help bring awareness and attention to the cancer fight. We still believe there is a way to support that fight while remaining passionate and respectful to each other’s vision and ideals.

Thanks everyone for checking in and please stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting rest of 2015.

– Steve & Deb


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