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As many of you know, I fund raise year round for multiple organizations that Deb and I believe best support & best align with our own ideals in providing support and assistance to the cancer community.  We believe the cancer battle is too important to sit idly by waiting for the next  “big event”  to occur while individuals and families are devastated by this disease 24/7/365.

Deb and I still believe this is a fight worth fighting and that each person’s cancer story is worthy  of telling , hearing, sharing, and supporting.  Many of these stories touch us all differently. I often get asked “Why don’t you just pick one ?”…. Each organization provides differently to the cancer community based on their mission and their target audience.  Regardless,  we also believe that collectively every organization whether working in partnership with others or independently touches even more of the cancer community and that is indeed a good thing.

The cancer community is huge and it needs more organizations but MORE importantly the right kind of organizations and even more critical the right individuals to carry their individual mission forward.  This includes not only the organization’s leadership and staff but also those individuals who participate in those organizations events or who volunteer their time and energy in support of.

Over the course of the last year I have met some of the most passionate cancer program/services providers that I have had the honor to meet.  Not only is their individual passion and dedication to the cancer fight addictive , collectively they are changing lives of those impacted by cancer in the process and they are doing it every day.

I have stated this before and I continue to restate, I will continue to find a cause I believe in, I will continue to throw all my energy and passionate into doing something good for OTHERS and at the end of the day , I will NOT feel guilty about doing it.

Please consider finding a cause you believe in and find an organization that you believe in that best reflects your own passion for it.  Get involved…..


Thank you !!

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