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Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in…

It’s been an extremely busy few weeks and training continues for some upcoming challenges and events.   We are excited about the opportunity to bring individuals together in the fight for our respective causes. Just to clarify, we are not fund raising for ourselves. We believe that by building a community of fighters and supporters we can best serve the causes we have chosen to fight for.  Whether you cycle, run, walk or ? , C4ACause is dedicated to building a community in the fight against Cancer as well as helping in the training for events to fight against MS and Diabetes.

For those that have been following along, I am working with an organization, United In GRACE, which is a local organization helping to bring Childhood Cancer awareness and funding for childhood cancer.  United in GRACE’s goal is help fund clinical trials and other childhood cancer research.  In addition United in Grace has selected Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as our primary recipient.

  • Childhood cancer gets 3% of federal funding, the least of all cancers.  The NCI’s federal budget was $4.6 billion.

Please consider any size donation to the United in GRACE fund raising campaign by following this link. If unable to donate at this time please help share the fund raising page and our mission that kids shouldn’t have to fight alone.

Thanks everyone for checking in…



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