Passing of a Cancer Warrior…

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I’ve been sitting here looking at a blank screen and trying to figure out what, if anything. I could write that would have any relevance when I received sad word that Cancer took a friend of a friend earlier today.

This only helps to reaffirm my belief that Everyone’s Cancer Story should count regardless of demographics and their journey should count as each person who battles this disease is amazing in their own right, not only for the cancer battle itself but those that they touch and teach in their journey to never give up.

Hearing of her loss, while not knowing her personally, doesn’t change the fact that she was an amazing women who touched many and her life story and her battle with cancer can and should be an inspiration for all. If you have been following along with this blog you will know this is something that is and will remain my golden rule above all else. No one or no organization will ever convince me otherwise.

I feel sadden by the fact that I did not know her myself as I am sure all she knew and touched in her journey are stronger and better for the experience. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all that knew her and those that she touched in her journey.

Mama V you will be missed but not forgotten…..

-Steve & Deb

Moma V.



  1. JP says:

    Thank you for this. 🙂 <3 Mama V was remarkable!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone’s story does count.

    Rest in Peace, Mama V.

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