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Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour Ready for Launch…

Hello everyone and thank you for checking in…

So why is the Kick Cancer to the Kurb tour any different than any other yearly cycling theme roundup of events I have done in the past ?

NEWS FLASH: It isn’t.

 That’s what makes the 2016 Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour special.  Despite what can only be described as an eye opening 2015 cycling season,  the 2016 riding season will continue to honor and help bring to light the battle of ALL THOSE battling cancer.  Please take note of the “all those” emphasis because it’s important.

Nothing has changed. This is not one of those New Years transformations or some re marketing of what we believe or what we stand for. No, it’s the same me, only with maybe a revitalized understanding of how important it is that every cancer story counts.  As one of my followers commented in 2015, “you saw the dark side in 2015 , in 2016 it’s time to help to bring to light all cancer stories.”

While the list of events is still being worked out, I promise all my friends, family, supporters and followers the fight will continue,  Whether it’s fighting for children with cancer, young adults, adults or seniors all cancer stories will be respected.  While there are others out there that seek to find only the cancer stories they can financially benefit from while ignoring all others, I assure you my belief remains unchanged.

The fight will continue because  every cancer story should be respected, every cancer story has a human factor and above all every cancer story counts.

It promises to be a heck of a ride…

Thanks for checking in….





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