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One Voice

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Next week I will be representing LiveSTRONG Foundation at the One Voice Against Cancer event in Washington D.C. Actually I will be representing the millions of cancer survivors and patients battling this disease.


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I’m IN

I had some questions regarding my last post and wanted clarify a few things.  As I announced in the last blog, I am returning to support LIVESTRONG (LS) as a volunteer LS Leader and their efforts in providing support in the cancer fight across all demographics of the cancer community.


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The Book Was Calling, a Return to LiveStrong

I am happy to announce that I am returning to LiveStrong as a 2016 LiveStrong Leader. For many of you this may come as a shock and possibly even some gasps of disbelief.  However I believe LiveStrong’s mission best aligns with my own in the fight against cancer for ALL.  Over the years Deb and I have participated in numerous LiveStrong events and supported many of our friends in their own cancer fighting awareness events, including LiveStrong events, and will continue to do so.

Working together with the LiveStrong Staff, Leaders and Team members my return to LiveStrong will provide increased advocacy opportunities directly tied to my unwavering belief and desire to see a national conversation on improved national funding for cancer research, improved patient care, and addressing cancer related issues across the entire spectrum of the cancer community.  The opportunity to advocate for all cancer patients is the foundation behind my return all the while in doing so remaining respectful of every cancer story.

My return to LiveStrong will provide an opportunity to support the many  outstanding programs and services LiveStrong provides to the cancer community.  For those that don’t know the full story, our first use of some of the LiveStrong programs and services was during my father’s battle with Esophageal Cancer in 2001. Years later during Deb’s battle we found the information that the initial LiveStrong Guide book provided invaluable. The Guidebook remains in a prized and honored location on our book shelf to this day.  In some ways, i feel the book has been calling and only recently have we decided to answer that call.

I will continue to support through my energy and passion local organizations making a difference in our own communities in the fight against cancer. I will not turn my back on those trying to make a difference in the cancer fight and above all will respect all cancer stories that this opportunity will present. I will forever remain thankful to those that support the fight against cancer.

In summary I refer you to these 9 powerful words taken from the LiveStrong Manifesto that summarizes why NOW is the right time for me to rejoin LiveStrong in this fight.

Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.



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