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I had some questions regarding my last post and wanted clarify a few things.  As I announced in the last blog, I am returning to support LIVESTRONG (LS) as a volunteer LS Leader and their efforts in providing support in the cancer fight across all demographics of the cancer community.


LS has been through some turbulent times over the last few years but seems re-energized and with the new CEO at the helm the organization is being led in the direction that fully supports my unwavering belief that ever cancer story should count.  At no time in my +12 years of supporting many of the LIVESTRONG  events have I ever felt that our cancer story or those of my friends and family were less important than any other and at no time have I felt or has anyone within the LS organization either as a volunteer,  fundraiser or staff ever expressed disrespect or dishonesty in their fundraising or awareness campaigns.

So what’s my mission as a LS Leader?  Great question and I wish I had an equally great answer to but I can guarantee a few things.  I will work to support the LiveStrong mission both within my community and nationally.  My first event will be to represent LiveStrong in the One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) event in Washington DC where we will have the opportunity to talk to our national leaders on issues that directly affect the cancer fight. OVAC is a coalition of cancer-related organizations representing millions of Americans, supports the goals of the Cancer Moonshot initiative and calls on the White House and Congress to follow through on their vision to make funding for cancer research, prevention and survivorship programs a top priority in fiscal year (FY) 2017.

I will continue to work with local cancer groups in helping to raise awareness right here in our own backyard.  In a recent discussion with a co-worker the following comment was noted “We can’t lose sight of those fighting cancer in our own communities or we risk losing sight as to why we are fighting at all”.  Too many times organizations are only inward thinking instead of what I believe is more needed in the cancer fight is an organization that is outward thinking and one that is willing to understand the “bigger” picture and one in which supports the belief that only by working together can we truly make a lasting and positive impact in the cancer fight, and I believe LiveStrong is such an organization.

Organizations can and should work together in helping to raise awareness, advocate to policymakers both local and nationally while remaining respectful of each other’s organization’s individual missions and maintaining their own organization’s identities in the cancer fight.

I will continue to utilize this blog to post updates and help bring awareness to the many events both locally and nationally this journey will present.

iM IN.


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