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Next week I will be representing LiveSTRONG Foundation at the One Voice Against Cancer event in Washington D.C. Actually I will be representing the millions of cancer survivors and patients battling this disease.


Even more to the reason why I am attending is that I will be representing Deb, Dad, Mary, Wendell,  Jedi Wes, Aunt Ginny, Jimmy, Kate, Nancy, Sandy, Aunt Annie, Bill, JP, Clovis, Grey, Jane,  Captain EJ, Jenn, and Sue J just to name a few of the many cancer warriors that I have met while on this journey.

How could I not attend an event with the ONE in their name? For those that have followed this journey will know that the “ONE” is one of my core beliefs that every cancer story counts and that everyone should and demands respect in the cancer fight.

One Voice Against Cancer is a collaboration of national non-profit organizations representing millions of Americans, delivering a unified message to Congress and the White House on the need for increased cancer-related appropriations.

I am comfortable in my belief that the Cancer fight probably isn’t the #1 challenge the government is facing but it definitely should be a priority. Quite frankly I’m not sure where on the national priority list this is, if anywhere, and I definitely know that no presidential candidate has made it a topic of discussion for if they had I am fairly certain many more Americans would have tuned in and listened to that debate or town hall. I would love to hear how much of a priority any of the candidates are putting on cancer research and prevention programs and whether they would continue to support the Cancer Moon Shot that the current administration has initiated.

Some of the specific items I along with all those that attend the One Voice Against Cancer event will help to bring to light include:

1) Prioritizing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget by at least 10 percent. This will help to support many promising initiatives and include an increased investment in precision medicine. This is where an increase in research will take place especially in the area of pediatric cancer research which is far below the funding level needed.  

2) Provide adequate funding for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that will help to ensure that half-million women are screened for breast cancer, allow thousands of men and women to have access to cancer screening and provide greater support for state and local awareness and education programs. Knowledge is Power

3) Provide additional funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to continue to finance critical safety programs and upgrade laboratories, scientific expertise, and IT Systems. The FDA is critical in providing the gateway between scientific discoveries and daily cancer care.

4) #everycancerstorycounts

While there are many more talking points as to the discussions we plan to have with our national leaders, I can promise you again that they will hear our voice and as a result many of yours as well.

We must do what we can to help ensure they understand the urgency to act now as we are at a critical juncture in the fight against cancer and only by coming together and supporting the many programs, services, and research and prevention initiatives will we be able to indeed make it to the Moon.

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