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The Rocket is Leaving (Cancer Moon Shot)


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Since President Obama’s most recent State of The Union Address there has been a lot of discussion regarding the cancer moon shot initiative.

This cancer moon shot is more than just a buzz word being used to promote a political agenda, it’s a series of steps and actions that are taking place both globally, nationally and within our own local communities necessary to elevate the idea of “hope” of doing what seems to be the impossible. The cancer moon shot is a vision and a vision that is long overdue by our government leaders.

In 2008 I attended my first LiveStrong summit where we spent 3 days hearing speakers from the medical profession, cancer advocacy groups, and others speak on the direction cancer prevention and advocacy was going both nationally.

We even had t cancer survivor and then Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain speak about what he would do to support the cancer fight, if elected. While Senator McCain gave an outstanding political speech, he failed to convince me that he had a vision to bring the very best in the cancer community together as one in the fight against cancer.

In 2008 those that were attending the LiveStrong summit knew, as we know now, that the answer and ANY successful vision had to include bringing the very best, the very motivated, and the very passionate, in all areas of the cancer community together as one. Only by doing so would we as a nation, and globally, have a fighting chance to make significant progress in the cancer fight.

Today’s cancer moon shot is targeting many areas of the cancer fight but it’s reachable goal is to make 10 years of progress in the cancer fight in just 5 years and in doing so help provide hope to the millions of cancer patients that are fighting today and those that will be fighting tomorrow.

It has taken years to have a visionary such as VP Biden at the helm of the initiative. For many the results of the cancer moon shot will not come fast enough, but they will come. Steps are being taken today in many areas identified in this national initiative and coordinated efforts are being made among government agencies and many private sector  cancer research centers.

While I am fairly confident in saying that most of my readers of this blog aren’t at the national level of the efforts, you are no less important to the cancer moon shot and the impact it can make today on those fighting cancer.

I would further challenge everyone to get involved within your own local communities in any way you can in helping to raise awareness and or bring attention the cancer fight and when the opportunity presents itself make sure your voice is heard.

For more on the moon shot please visit the Cancer Moon Shot fact sheet.

What makes the Cancer Moon Shot so important to me ? It’s not going to leave anyone behind, there is enough room for everyone and Every Cancer Story Counts.  

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