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An opportunity presented itself that will allow me to participate in a great event to help bring cancer awareness in honor of all those that are fighting cancer as well as in memory of those that fought and lost their battle to this horrible disease. This will be my first year participating in 24hrs of Booty in Charlotte NC.

24hrs of Booty is a 24 hour cycling event which helps provide funding for local and national cancer initiatives. One of the beneficiaries of the 24hrs of Booty (Charlotte) is the Levine Cancer Institute. I had the opportunity to visit the Levine Cancer Institute in 2015 and it was truly a remarkable and most memorable experience. I met some truly outstanding staff and while visiting one of the chemo wards I had an opportunity to visit with patients undergoing treatment. This was truly a highpoint of the trip.

I felt it only appropriate to participate in 24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte this year as the Levine Cancer Institute is a worthwhile and trustworthy beneficiary of the efforts of all those who come to Charlotte and participate, whether it is as a volunteer, rider or even a spectator. In addition I will be representing LiveSTRONG Foundation who supports all those battling cancer.

I created a Team Every Cancer Story Counts as it represents our core beliefs and values that every cancer story does count. What makes OUR team unique is the belief that once you are a supporter of the team, your cancer story and the cancer story of your loved one will never be forgotten or diminished. Team Every Cancer Story Counts is not about “us” it is about those that we ride for either In Honor Of or In Memory Of.

Below is just a few of the buttons (more will be added throughout the week) that I will be wearing during the ride. Each one represents an individual who has fought or is in the process of fighting cancer.

Once a donor of Team Every Cancer Story Counts you and your loved one will always be remembered and honored.

Please consider any size donation to help in the fight by visiting and donating here at Steve’s Donation Page 

Thank you.

Deb_Booty Dad_Booty  Mary_Booty   Wendell_Booty  JP_ Booty

Sue_BootyWes_BootyAunt Annie_Booty   Aunt Ginny_Booty  Graham_Booty - Copy



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