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Thank you to everyone that supported the 24hrs of Booty in Charlotte NC a few weeks ago. While the final numbers are being computed we do know that because of your efforts over $1.6 Million was raised for local and national cancer programs. This is an amazing amount of donor support that will go directly to helping those battling cancer and in providing much needed cancer research and we couldn’t have done it without your help and your support , Thank YOU !!!

As many of you may not know, while we were riding in Charlotte many of my fellow LiveStrong Team members were out supporting us, encouraging, and motivating us throughout the event by holding events in their own local communities. Now it’s time to return the favor and support my LiveStrong Team in their upcoming 24hrs of Booty – Columbia.

I can’t say this enough, LiveStrong is a team of individuals who work together to help bring support to Cancer patients and we do that in a respectful and courteous manner. We do this by organizing  events within our local communities, by participating in other local and national events such as LiveStrong Challenge Austin (October) , 24hrs of Booty, and by supporting each other in those efforts. More importantly we check our egos at the door and come to the Fight As One. The reason LiveStrong is a great team is because the FightAsOne mantra is in our DNA.

In an effort to return that support provided to the Booty Charlotte team, I will be doing a local Weekend Mileage challenge trying to get as many miles in during the weekend of 20 – 21 August in an effort to bring awareness to the LiveStrong mission as well as support the LiveStrong Team participating in the 24hrs of Booty – Columbia MD.

During this event I will be seeking support through donations that 100% directly support the LiveStrong Foundation.  Only by doing it this way can I reassure each supporter that all donations will be used in direct cancer support and used in a ethical and respectful manner.

As many of you know, Columbia – Booty had a special place in our hearts for many years and was our yearly cancer victory weekend celebration for Deb and I.  My support and trust of the LiveStrong team in Columbia in no way implies support to any other benefactor that benefits from this event.  I support the LiveStrong Team when and wherever they may ride.  LiveStrong has the ethical qualities that I believe is vital part of a cancer organization’s core values.

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