The Significance of 1,521 in the Cancer Fight


Answer to yesterday’s question “What is the significance of 1,521 ?”

it’s the actual distance between Chesapeake, VA and Oldenburg , Germany. So why is that important ? This weekend two individuals, Henrike (Fellow LiveStrong Leader) and I will take on our own personal cycling challenge in the fight against cancer and to support the ‪#‎Livestrong‬ mission.

For 24 hours (‘sh) we will challenge ourselves either by cycling, running or walking ( I’m not running ) in an effort to raise cancer awareness in our own local communities.

The good news is we will have the option to stop after 24 Hours, however cancer patients don’t have that option. They fight every day and that my friends is really the only true significance of why we are undertaking this personal challenge.

So while our #LiveStrong teammates are participating in 24hrs of Booty in Columbia MD, we are supporting and cheering on their efforts because we believe as a team we can have a far greater impact in the fight against cancer and ‪#‎FightAsOne‬ than we can ever have individually. ‪#‎unityisstrength‬

Please help LiveStrong Foundation continue to provide the program and services not just for one day or one event but the rest of the 364 days of the year. Please consider making any size donation to

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