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Hello Everyone and Thanks for Checking in…

Our Every Cancer Story Counts Cycling Challenge went well although I didn’t get in the amount of mileage I had hoped for but I believe the impact we had far outweighed any mileage goal. We were able to help out a fellow LiveStrong Leader in getting closer to her goal fundraising and a trip to the LiveStrong Challenge in Austin Texas later this year and I want to thank everyone who donated and supported the cause.

I altered my plan and did the ride on Friday as Saturday’s weather with forecasted thunderstorms during the day might hamper our efforts. As it turned out Friday was a great day to ride in the morning and the cloud cover kept the sun from beating down but unfortunately the rain showers with some thunder and lightning came rolling in around 2pm forcing me off the bike. As a result I never got back on my bike until after 4pm and as a result I had cooled down twice already and my body started to ache by early evening. As in many endurance sports, once you cool down and your body begins its recover phase it’s even more difficult to get your body going again. Usually I am able to recover once but the second shower storm did me in and there was no recovery from that and the recliner started to feel better and better.

The good news is we were able to get 65 miles in and as this was my first long ride of the season, nothing longer than 20miles so far this season, I feel I am still on the right path for my return to full duty by the years end. Unfortunately when I woke up on Saturday I discovered I already came down with a chest cold and decided to play it safe and not venture out. Almost a week later I am still battling the cold so the “off the bike” Saturday decision proved d to be the correct call.

However the mileage wasn’t the only goal of the event and it surely wasn’t the most important goal which was to expand the LiveStrong mission to those I met and interacted with during the ride. I stopped numerous times to chat with our neighbors and tell them what I was doing and why it was so very important. Nearly everyone I met with was supportive of the event and the more important the cause. Many of those that I met hung the LiveStrong wristband on their mailbox or from other areas of the yard in order to motivate me as I rode past and most are still there today.

I had the opportunity to bring the LiveStrong message to them in their own neighborhood and where they lived. The opportunity to pass out and share some LiveStrong wristbands and LiveStrong “we can help” cards far exceeds the importance of reaching any mileage goal. I think this is one of the strengths of the LiveStrong Foundation and those that work & volunteer for the organization and that is a clear and unconditional belief that It must always be about the people affected by cancer. While some organizations like to use the motto Every Mile Matters , I prefer to say Every Cancer Story Counts.

Stay tuned in for future updates as we continue to bring the LiveStrong message to other neighborhoods and possibly even your community.




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