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There is No On/Off Cancer Switch


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As the 2016 cycling season winds down I thought it only appropriate to end with a BANG!!

As many of you know I support and fundraise for many organizations throughout the year. My work with the local Childhood Cancer Awareness Group United in Grace as well as a volunteer LiveStrong Foundation Leader. Both of these organizations have only the very best intentions in helping to bring awareness to the cancer fight and both organizations understand that it must always be about the cancer patient and the impact this dreaded disease has not only on the cancer fighter but the entire family.

I also believe by supporting and yes even fundraising for multiple organizations its helps to create what I believe is missing in the cancer community which is the belief that we can all work together and within our own communities in a respectful manner resulting in even a bigger and positive impact locally, nationally and globally.

Trust me when I say there are enough organizations out there that only believe in a “what’s in it for ME” mentality and only wait for the next opportunity or to start beating the cancer drum. Unfortunately, cancer patients and their families don’t have a switch to turn on and off whenever the mood strikes.

As such for the last 90 days of 2016, as I have done the entire 2016 season, I will be cycling in support of the stories that others dismissed or otherwise looked away from because they didn’t feel their story was worth telling. We will continue to tell our story despite attempts to shut us down through false profiles and intimidation because our fight is right and so are the cancer stories I will be sharing with you all.

For my new followers these stories will provide a glimpse into some of the toughest cancer fighters I have had the honor to know and why Every Cancer Story Counts is more than a social media #hashtag.

LiveStrong  provides outstanding programs and services to the cancer community.  For more information about LiveStrong please visit LiveStrong

To visit the LiveStrong Every Cancer Story Counts Cycling Challenge please visit Every Cancer Story Counts Cycling Challenge

Stay tuned in for more updates.


Replace Awareness with Action


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  Today (September 1st) marks the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time of year that many organizations and individuals join in the fight against childhood cancer and help to bring awareness and funding to the fight against this disease.

For some of us that have the same vision throughout the entire year we say “Thank you” and appreciate the emphasis your engagement will have over the course of the September.  We believe only by working together can we truly make the necessary strides required to bring attention to this cause.

While awareness is great and we definitely can’t have too much awareness, I would further challenge readers and followers to take “Action” by doing something that helps carry this message well beyond the end of the month.

Some examples of “Actionable”’ items include,

  1. Writing a letter to your State and National Legislators urging them to increase funding at both the State and National levels for childhood cancer research. There are many online tools to help you craft and send emails directly to your state and national representatives.
  2. Volunteering at a local childhood cancer hospital (or any cancer center) and learning what programs and services they offer. Share what you learn.
  3. Contacting a local Non Profit Cancer organization and seeing if you can help them.
  4. Participate in local events that help to raise awareness in your local community. If there isn’t’ an event, start one.
  5. Find an organization that you believe in and learn what programs and services they offer. Share what you lean with your networks.

Only by working together, not only during the month of September but the rest of the year, can we truly make a difference in not only childhood cancer but all cancers including Children, Young Adult, Adult, and Seniors, after all doesn’t #Everycanstorycount ?

Thanks for checking in…,

Disclaimer:  Please excuse any typos as my editor is on vacation.

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