A Black Eye For The Cancer Community


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I titled this post as I did in order to emphasize once again that there are people who are doing more harm than good for the cancer community, shocking I know. They don’t think twice about creating false profiles to advance their cause or in attempts to silence any cancer story that doesn’t directly impact or help their financial bottom line.

I personally experienced this same self-centered approach to the cancer community in 2015 when I participated in a bike ride from MD to Florida in what I, at the time, thought and believed to be a moral, ethical and well meaning group of riders supporting a cancer organization that I believed had the same moral compass as I, and for which Deb and I have supported for many years. While I have openly admitted to making errors in judgement during the ride “they” refuse to admit any culpability on their part even including removing any record of my participation, all the while keeping the $ many of YOU helped to raise for their organization solely based on my misguided recommendations to do so.

Since then, and each April time frame generally speaking (timing is critical) , I have been targeted by certain members of this group in what I can only speculate are attempts to silence my experience both with the organization, the ride, and themselves in the same way they attempted in 2015 to silence and minimize any cancer story that they believed was not financially beneficial or something they couldn’t sell to their donors and supporters.

So why not turn the other cheek ? Many of my family and closest confidants have made this recommendation, all of which I fully understand and respect.  However I have refused as I see these types of individuals as far greater enemies of the cancer fight than they will ever be advocates and proponents for. They will take your money , maybe say thanks, and then tell you your cancer story or that cancer story of your family / friends isn’t worth their time, empathy or “support”.

They use buzz words as “diversity” and “provide support” when in fact they practice just the opposite AND on a daily basis. Their actions , and those actions of some of their supporters (not all) are a black eye to the cancer community.  .

So why do a blog post ? It would appear that the power of social media has also allowed audience limitations by limiting search results and thus by minimizing your voice, isn’t America great. This blog post is only one means , of many more, that I will continue to use to ensure every cancer patient story is heard but more importantly respected.

I didn’t choose this fight because I wanted the attention, I chose this fight because the voices of those cancer patients these types of organizations minimize DEMAND to be heard and respected.

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