The Moral Compass of a Cancer Organization


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It is so important for cancer organizations to always put the cancer patient first and foremost in everything they do. They are the reason we chose to fight this fight. Organizations that put themselves front and center first, do much more damage to the cancer community as a whole.

Look around at the organizations that you support and follow and it’s easy to see which ones are using the cancer fight to drive their own self-importance vs. the cancer patients that they are purportedly serving ?

Which cancer organization should really earn, and earn is the right word. your trust and your financial support ? Which ones do you feel more comfortable donating your hard earned $$ to ? The ones that always put their own faces first and cancer patients second (if even that) , the ones that use donor support either to advance their own self-centered approach to the cancer community or to make themselves seem superior (they are not) to everyone else ?


The organizations that tell the story of the cancer patient themselves , the true warriors of this disease, the ones really battling this deadly disease, the ones that are being financially crippled because the lack of insurance support and the impact this deadly disease has on, not only the cancer fighter but, the entire family.

Over the course of taking up the cancer fight I have supported both types of organizations, many by mistake. If you really want to make a difference in the cancer fight support the organizations that make the fight about the fighter not about themselves, the ones that have a moral compass that points outward, not inward.

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