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It’s been a productive year to date  with regards to the cancer fight BUT there is still is much work still to do.  If fighting cancer was easy we probably wouldn’t have to be fighting in the first place.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the President’s proposed budget and the detrimental impact this will have in the cancer fight and the recent approval of a temporary spending bill that increases the budget for the Nation Institute of Health (NIH) which is critical to the cancer fight.

It’s important to understand that this TEMPORARY $2B bump in NIH funding is ONLY good through the end of September. We must continue to advocate for 2018 federal budget and future spending appropriations to continue to fully fund the NIH. Without full funding of the NIH the fight against cancer will hit a major stop. While there is great work being done in many states to fund their own state-wide cancer research it’s going to take the federal government to continue to support the research if we are ever to find a cure and make the necessary positive strides forward in the cancer fight. But more than anything it is going to take the voice of the people to continue to advocate that cancer research should be a national priority. That is why I am looking forward to the opportunity in June to talk one on one with our lawmakers in Washington, DC to ensure they hear our voice.

I often get asked how one person can make a difference in the cancer fight. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to make a difference to reach out to a local cancer fighting organization and ask them how they can possibly help. I can almost guarantee that local organizations have upcoming events and other ideas that you can get involved in that can have a huge impact in help bringing awareness to the cancer fight. That is how I became involved with a local organization, United in Grace, as well as why I support and act as a volunteer leader for the LiveStrong Foundation. Both organizations have an unwavering core value that the cancer warrior must be our motivating factor in everything we do must be about them, and less about us.

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