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It seems like 2017 is nearly ½ over already and there is so much work still to do…..

I have completed all the LiveStrong events I plan to participate in during 2017.   I am now concentrating my efforts on supporting my local cancer organizations and their efforts to help bring cancer awareness, education and support.  As I have stated before, we as advocates should not only be thinking national level advocacy, if by doing so we risk losing focus of those fighting this disease in our local communities, neighborhoods and backyards.

Sadly 2017 will mark my final year of supporting the 24 Foundation and their 24 Hours of Booty events. It’s been a great association over the last 9+ years but as I can no longer be guaranteed nor can I guarantee to my donors that any money raised won’t end up in the wrong hands I feel it is time to step away. I wish nothing but success for the 24 Foundation and their mission. No need to worry, there are plenty of events where your donations will be used ethically and in direct support of the cancer fighter.

In past weeks I have had more than one conversation regarding the word “Fighters” and “Warriors” as it relates to individuals battling cancer.  Many advocates that I trust and respect greatly feel these descriptions are incorrectly associated with an individual battling cancer and I could not disagree more.

While I have always attempted to shy away from saying anyone would lose their battle with cancer the term “fighter” and “warrior” reflects (at least to me) an individual’s drive and determination to undergo treatment which in many cases is as harsh as the cancer itself.  In addition, the term cancer “Fighter” and Cancer “Warrior” reflects the spirit of an individual’s determination in his/her battle. Here are real life examples of just a few of those that I met in my journey that indeed are cancer fighters / cancer warriors and always will be.

  • An individual who battles multiple cancer diagnosis throughout his/her life only to die during exploratory surgery is a cancer fighter / cancer warrior even though he didn’t get a chance to even try to fight the last round.
  • An 11 year old who should be going to school, playing with friends and enjoying time with his brothers instead of flying to places far from family and friends only to undergo weeks of scans and chemo is indeed a cancer Fighter and Warrior.
  • An individual who battles through cancer treatment but still finds time to spend with her grandchildren even on days that she would rather stay in bed, is a cancer fighter / cancer warrior.
  • A liver transplant recipient as a result of liver cancer who has a zest for life and a genuine compassion for all those fighting cancer is indeed a cancer fighter / cancer warrior.
  • An individual who elects NOT to go through cancer treatment and instead travels the world on her terms is a cancer fighter / cancer warrior.

Despite a recent discussion to eliminate the use of the tags Warrior and Fighter from defining an individuals cancer battle, to me it’s a tag of honor, respect, and support and  always will be.

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