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Welcome to September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  A month dedicated to helping to bring awareness to the childhood cancer fight.  This year we were successful in nearly doubling our local businesses participating in our awareness campaign.  It is so critical to have not only individual support but community support as well.  We are so grateful for everyone’s participation and involvement, We couldn’t do this without everyone’s support !!! Thank you !!!

As I stop by and talk to the local businesses participating in our awareness campaign the conversation always turns to how I became involved in the fight.  As I often do, I explain that many of my family has been impacted by cancer, including my wife, father, and Uncle.  I further go on to explain that I became aware of the unique challenges of the childhood cancer battle in 2015. While I was aware of this beforehand, I was never fully aware of the fight these families must endure in their battle.

While Deb and I have never been blessed with children of our own, as I learned more and more about the facts of Childhood cancer I also discovered they didn’t have the same voice as other cancer demographics.  In almost all cases the families themselves are their own voice, and while that is indeed good, it wasn’t enough by far. September is always a moment of reflection for me as to why I became involved and why I will remain an advocate not only for childhood cancer but for ALL Cancer patients.

In 2015 I had an awakening of sorts that there are Cancer Organizations that could make a difference in the childhood cancer battle, but elect NOT to because as one COO put it “Childhood cancer doesn’t pay the bills”.  Doesn’t pay the bills ?  The entire “doesn’t pay the bills” belief is just beyond normal comprehension. Is driving a BMW more important than helping to put food on a table of a family who as a result of a child battling cancer have lost their job and insurance.  Doesn’t all Cancer Patients deserve a voice, deserve the chance to live, deserve the chance to at some point to be declared a cancer survivor.

Doesn’t all cancer patients and their families deserve the opportunity to get support and have someone speak on their behalf ? And with that Every Cancer Story Counts was born.  Not out of ego , not out of some self-righteous belief that my cancer story is any more important than anyone else (as some would like you too believe, refer back to COO above) , but because all cancer patients and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and all cancer patients and their families deserve a voice.

So there you have it.  Welcome to September and Childhood Cancer Month.  Next month will be Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we can all discuss the pros and cons of going Pink.  GOLD, PINK, GREEN, YELLOW etc… Let’s just put them all into a mixer and GO and find a better way to support all cancer patients every day and while we are at it, let’s find a cure through increased national funding and improved treatment so they can continue to be their own voice, we are losing more and more voices everyday.

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