Advocating for Childhood Cancer Isn’t Easy But There Is One Thing Even More Difficult…


Thanks everyone for checking in….

It’s been a busy month supporting the annual United In Grace’s 2017 Wes’ Wish Toy Drive. We are overwhelmed with the community support we continue to receive including from our local business partners who are acting as drop off locations throughout the local area, our donors who are sponsoring Chemo Ducks, and of course our friends and family who are helping to collect toys and spread the word. We could not do this without the support of each and every one of you, Thank You !!

While there are many things I have learned, and continue to learn, in my advocacy for children cancer, and all cancers, nothing is easy and even the simple tasks somewhat become complicated. That is why we are so overjoyed when businesses and individuals call us to get involved. You would think that the act of collecting toys is easy and planning the logistics to deliver the toys to the local families would again be easy but nothing ever is as easy as you would like it to be or think it should be.  Every day I am reminded that Fighting Cancer and being a advocate is not easy but it fails in comparison to the difficulty children and families go through while undergoing cancer treatment. This is what keeps all our volunteers going and why we are willing to go knock down any and all doors required to make things happen for the children and their families, because at the end of the day, they are the ones that matter the most.  

On December 15th United In Grace will deliver the toys to children and their families who are battling much larger obstacles than anything we encounter in our effort to fight for them and we will do so with the understanding that their fight is worth fighting for. We all consider it an honor and privilege to fight on their behalf and to help raise awareness for all cancer patients and to help bring smiles to children this holiday season.

An end of the year shout out to all my fellow LiveStrong leaders as I end my 2nd year as a LiveStrong Leader. The work you all are doing in the national fight against cancer remains unmatched. LiveStrong has a great future and I look forward to seeing where you as LiveStrong Leaders help to take the foundation. Please continue to advocate for ALL Cancer patients in all that you do.

Thanks everyone for checking in. Stay tuned in for more updates to the 2017 Wes’ Wish Toy Drive !!


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