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2017 Cycling Season Underway !!


It’s been awhile since my last update and post.  Truth be told I was afraid I forgot the LOGIN information which goes to show it’s been WAY too long. I will endeavor to do better with updates as the 2017 Cycling season is upon us.

We had a great end to 2016 with the Wes’ Wish Toy Drive.  We were able to help collect and distribute over 2000 Toys to Children and families battling a long list of diseases including cancer and Sickle Cell. Even though it’s been a few months since the events we are forever great full to all our supporters and donors that help each year to make this event possible.  Through this effort we continue to provide United In Grace Care Boxes to some childhood cancer fighters and we hope to continue this effort throughout the year.

I was once again selected to be a LiveSTRONG Volunteer Leader in Virginia where I hope to continue the work n helping to represent ALL Cancer patients in their fight.  Team LiveStrong had a great showing in the recent 2017 Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon as well as provided some bike support in the local Sentara Don’t Sit On Colon Cancer 5K.  Both events were a huge success and only goes to support my belief that there is way too much Cancer affecting way to many people and the spectrum is so diverse that no cancer patient should be left behind.  I hope to continue my work with LiveStrong in coming months including advocating for a federal budget that helps move cancer research for ALL cancer patients forward and not backward. If you are aren’t aware, we have a lot of work to do at the Federal level to make sure we don’t take a step backwards !! Please get involved by contacting your own Legislators to ensure funding for the National Cancer Institute and National Institute Health both receive the funding they need to continue their work. 

In July I will participating in the 24 Foundation’s 24 Hour of Booty – Charlotte Ride. This is a great event that helps support the Levine Cancer Institute and the Levine Children’s Hospital.  Both of the organizations are doing exceptional work providing research and care to those battling cancer and both are honorable and reputable benefactors of the 24 Foundation’s 24 Hour events. Many of my LiveStrong team members will be participating in the Charlotte and Indianapolis events helping to Kick Cancer To the Curb Once again.

As always i hope all my followers will stay tuned in for future and hopefully more timely updates.


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Every Cancer Story Counts Cycling Challenge is On !!!

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 The Every Cancer Story Counts Cycling challenge is well underway , ok only really 4 days in but it has started and I’ve been able to stay ahead of my daily cycling goal.  Let’s just hope that Hurricane Mathew doesn’t impact my ability to ride but the cycling challenge is less about the riding and more about sharing why Every Cancer Story is important by introducing you to some of the toughest cancer fighters I have come to know over the years who battled this horrible disease.

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Fight As One is in our DNA


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Thank you to everyone that supported the 24hrs of Booty in Charlotte NC a few weeks ago. While the final numbers are being computed we do know that because of your efforts over $1.6 Million was raised for local and national cancer programs. This is an amazing amount of donor support that will go directly to helping those battling cancer and in providing much needed cancer research and we couldn’t have done it without your help and your support , Thank YOU !!!

As many of you may not know, while we were riding in Charlotte many of my fellow LiveStrong Team members were out supporting us, encouraging, and motivating us throughout the event by holding events in their own local communities. Now it’s time to return the favor and support my LiveStrong Team in their upcoming 24hrs of Booty – Columbia.

I can’t say this enough, LiveStrong is a team of individuals who work together to help bring support to Cancer patients and we do that in a respectful and courteous manner. We do this by organizing  events within our local communities, by participating in other local and national events such as LiveStrong Challenge Austin (October) , 24hrs of Booty, and by supporting each other in those efforts. More importantly we check our egos at the door and come to the Fight As One. The reason LiveStrong is a great team is because the FightAsOne mantra is in our DNA.

In an effort to return that support provided to the Booty Charlotte team, I will be doing a local Weekend Mileage challenge trying to get as many miles in during the weekend of 20 – 21 August in an effort to bring awareness to the LiveStrong mission as well as support the LiveStrong Team participating in the 24hrs of Booty – Columbia MD.

During this event I will be seeking support through donations that 100% directly support the LiveStrong Foundation.  Only by doing it this way can I reassure each supporter that all donations will be used in direct cancer support and used in a ethical and respectful manner.

As many of you know, Columbia – Booty had a special place in our hearts for many years and was our yearly cancer victory weekend celebration for Deb and I.  My support and trust of the LiveStrong team in Columbia in no way implies support to any other benefactor that benefits from this event.  I support the LiveStrong Team when and wherever they may ride.  LiveStrong has the ethical qualities that I believe is vital part of a cancer organization’s core values.

Stay tuned in for more updates….. .

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Care Packages for Children Battling Cancer

Greetings everyone and as always thanks for checking in….

The 2016 cycling season has been somewhat hampered by the string of cold weather but I remain hopeful that we will be out hitting the streets soon enough all in an effort to help raise awareness for many of the causes we will be riding for.  We will have our first official event in the 2016 Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour in April when the United in Grace Cycling Team will be participating in Virginia Tour De Cure.  It’s not too late to join the team or to donate to the team and help bring awareness to fight against Childhood Cancer and Diabetes ….You might say we are having a two for one sale !

The Fight against childhood cancer will remain our main focus for 2016 however we also wish to recognize many of the other charities we hope to support.  I’ve said this many times and will continue to say, while there are many organizations worthy of our effort I truly believe only by working together regardless of our own affiliation will we help bring attention, increase government funding, and above all a cure to many of the diseases. That is why I will continue to support my family and friends in their own personal passion and drive in helping where I can in the fight against Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) , and Cystic Fibrosis just to name a few.

The United in Grace Team is kicking off our 2016 Care Packages for Cancer Soldiers initiative. This is a great opportunity to sponsor a care package directly to a child and family battling cancer. Throughout the year we will be seeking donations that will go directly to constructing a care package that contains items for both the child undergoing cancer treatment as well their family.

A small donation of $20.00 will help bring smiles to children battling cancer.  Please consider donating directly to the United in Grace Fund Raising page at United In Grace .

You may also request a care package to a cancer warrior or donate items, please check out United In Grace Care Packages for more information.

Thanks for checking in and we will try and provide more updates more frequently 🙂



Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour Ready for Launch…

Hello everyone and thank you for checking in…

So why is the Kick Cancer to the Kurb tour any different than any other yearly cycling theme roundup of events I have done in the past ?

NEWS FLASH: It isn’t.

 That’s what makes the 2016 Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour special.  Despite what can only be described as an eye opening 2015 cycling season,  the 2016 riding season will continue to honor and help bring to light the battle of ALL THOSE battling cancer.  Please take note of the “all those” emphasis because it’s important.

Nothing has changed. This is not one of those New Years transformations or some re marketing of what we believe or what we stand for. No, it’s the same me, only with maybe a revitalized understanding of how important it is that every cancer story counts.  As one of my followers commented in 2015, “you saw the dark side in 2015 , in 2016 it’s time to help to bring to light all cancer stories.”

While the list of events is still being worked out, I promise all my friends, family, supporters and followers the fight will continue,  Whether it’s fighting for children with cancer, young adults, adults or seniors all cancer stories will be respected.  While there are others out there that seek to find only the cancer stories they can financially benefit from while ignoring all others, I assure you my belief remains unchanged.

The fight will continue because  every cancer story should be respected, every cancer story has a human factor and above all every cancer story counts.

It promises to be a heck of a ride…

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Children Shouldn’t Fight Alone….

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A lot of work behind the scenes has been taking place over the last few weeks.  We’ve updated the Cyclists4ACause “Who we Are” and added a Mission Statement to the site.  We have some other ideas which will be released in upcoming weeks.  We recently have begun supporting and working with United In Grace organization in the battle against Childhood cancer and we are excited to help anyway we can in their effort, Children Shouldn’t Fight alone.  

We are ramping up on our training in support of September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Stay tuned for more information on Going Gold initiatives.

Please consider any size donation to United In GRACE in the battle against Childhood Cancer.  United In GRACE donation Page 





Happy 4th !!!

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in.

It’s been a quick 2 years since we started Cyclists4ACause and in that time we (that includes YOU) have helped to raise nearly $15K for numerous organizations that we (including YOU) are passionate about including numerous cancer organizations, National MS Society, Tour De Cure and the fight against diabetes, and Relay for Life just to mention a few.

Over the last two years I have participated in numerous cycling events all of which I could not do without your donations, support and encouragement.  We can’t thank you all enough for the support you have all  provided over the course of the last two years and I promise you that we will continue to fight and help bring awareness to the fights that you are most passionate about.  

Have a great 4th of July !!!!


Steve & Deb

Kids Get Cancer Too

 Greetings Everyone and Thank you for Checking in……

Training continues to go well and we are excited for the future although exact events that we will be participating in are still being considered. There are many upcoming rides and monthly cycling challenges in which we can help to promote the cancer fight and the great work many organizations are doing to help those and their families that need it most.

Recently I had the honor and privilege to present a true cancer fighter his honoree 2015 Key to Keys Jersey.  For those that were following along during the Key  to Keys ride, each day we held a dedication circle where we were each given an opportunity to tell and share who we were riding for that day.   The Dedication Circle experience remains one of the high points of the journey.  The stories and emotions that were shared and the support given and support received was genuine, and for that I will truly feel blessed by the experience.

During one Dedication Circle I stated I  was riding for Wes and that day I rode with Wes’ “I Ride For” button seen below.  While I didn’t know Wes’ story completely or even met Wes, , I did know that he is the epitome of what the K2K journey was and should always be about, and that is and will always be, recognizing and supporting those impacted by  cancer and helping to change lives in the process. He also should remind us as to the reason people with different visions and experiences should and can come together to help fight this disease and help to change lives in the process.

During K2K we rode for family, friends,  and friends of family & friends that we may not have known directly and while they are no less important to the reason we rode, it was truly a remarkable experience to present Wes’ with this Jersey and in a single moment understand all the good that can come out of the K2K experience while seeing the smile on a young boy who should inspire us all to work and come together to make it so.

I would encourage all my readers to check out Wes’ story and the battles that he and his family are so courageously fighting by following the link below to his Caring Fund raising page.  Please consider any size donation, after all “Kids Get Cancer Too”.

Wes’ Fund Raising Page

Thanks for checking in….

WesWes Button.

-Steve &  Deb


MY Not so Weekly Update…..

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in

It’s been a quiet few weeks since my return from Florida and training continues to ramp up as we move forward in the riding season.

Thank you to the 43+ donors that supported the fund raising effort and everyone who supported us through their words and encouragement.  A special thank you to many  of you for supporting other riders and for putting your trust in us, which at the time, was a good faith effort in an attempt to assist others with reaching their individual and overall team goals.  Unfortunately I don’t know the final outcome of the total fund raising but I do know the team was successful in funding the patient navigator position who will assist America’s warriors and heroes as they battle cancer.  Thank you !!

We continue to believe there are organizations out there worthy of our collective support and efforts.  Please continue to trust that we will continue to seek out and find those organizations which best support what we believe should be the #1 mission of those organizations and that is, and will always be, providing only the best in support to those impacted by cancer and who are willing to work to bring a diverse group of individuals to support that mission in a respectful, courteous, and safe manner for all participant’s.

For those that have been following along, May is National Bike month and I am using it as a tune up to the Great Cycling Challenge that begins in June and which helps to bring awareness to the Children’s Cancer Fight.

This year, Deb and I have opted out of our yearly tradition of participating in the 24hrs of Booty ride in Columbia MD benefiting many local and national organizations.  This was the ride where we traditionally celebrated not only Deb’s personal victory, but in memory of all those who have fought or are now fighting.  We will miss the camaraderie and the entire 24hours of Booty experience, but we will be looking at other options in the future to start a new and exciting tradition.

We hope to connect with some of my long time and even some of my new cycling friends as well as family and friends throughout the year in discussion about how best to help bring awareness and attention to the cancer fight. We still believe there is a way to support that fight while remaining passionate and respectful to each other’s vision and ideals.

Thanks everyone for checking in and please stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting rest of 2015.

– Steve & Deb


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60+ Days Till Launch

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in. It’s been awhile since I posted an update and thought it was time to do so.  Thanks for all the support both financially in donations as well as all your words of encouragement and support, such as sharing of page to better help make aware of what we ALL are trying to accomplish.  I’ve attempted to make it fun in some ways to spearhead donations but truly every dollar no matter how small or large is much appreciated and goes to help cancer patients and we have never, nor will we ever lose sight of that fact.

In just over 60 days we will be launching from Key Highway in Baltimore Maryland in route to Key West Florida.  While I don’t know exactly what to expect on the ride, I have thrown my faith and trust in those that are coordinating and my fellow riders.  Many of the 2015 riders are return riders from earlier year rides.

Just to clarify, what I do know is that we will have a great ride. The leadership at the UCF have promised tailwinds the entire way. I think it’s important to also recognize the Drivers and Support Drivers that will help ensure our safety and navigation along the way. No team will ever be without a support vehicle and that is critical to our mission. We will even have a videographer with us to help document the ride.

I am excited to hopefully have the opportunity to meet some of my friends along the route as we travel through the states. While the exact route is still being planned out we will be stopping off in Virginia Beach ( I always wanted to visit there) , Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, Jacksonville FL, Daytona Beach, FT Lauderdale FL, Key Largo and Key West FL.

I encourage my followers to read some of the bios and reasons why other members of my team are riding.  We have a diverse field of passionate riders all dedicated to making this event (Much more of a ride) a huge success.

Again, thanks for checking and any donations would be greatly appreciated.



Steve & Deb



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