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Every Cancer Story Counts Goes to Booty !!


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An opportunity presented itself that will allow me to participate in a great event to help bring cancer awareness in honor of all those that are fighting cancer as well as in memory of those that fought and lost their battle to this horrible disease. This will be my first year participating in 24hrs of Booty in Charlotte NC.

24hrs of Booty is a 24 hour cycling event which helps provide funding for local and national cancer initiatives. One of the beneficiaries of the 24hrs of Booty (Charlotte) is the Levine Cancer Institute. I had the opportunity to visit the Levine Cancer Institute in 2015 and it was truly a remarkable and most memorable experience. I met some truly outstanding staff and while visiting one of the chemo wards I had an opportunity to visit with patients undergoing treatment. This was truly a highpoint of the trip.

I felt it only appropriate to participate in 24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte this year as the Levine Cancer Institute is a worthwhile and trustworthy beneficiary of the efforts of all those who come to Charlotte and participate, whether it is as a volunteer, rider or even a spectator. In addition I will be representing LiveSTRONG Foundation who supports all those battling cancer.

I created a Team Every Cancer Story Counts as it represents our core beliefs and values that every cancer story does count. What makes OUR team unique is the belief that once you are a supporter of the team, your cancer story and the cancer story of your loved one will never be forgotten or diminished. Team Every Cancer Story Counts is not about “us” it is about those that we ride for either In Honor Of or In Memory Of.

Below is just a few of the buttons (more will be added throughout the week) that I will be wearing during the ride. Each one represents an individual who has fought or is in the process of fighting cancer.

Once a donor of Team Every Cancer Story Counts you and your loved one will always be remembered and honored.

Please consider any size donation to help in the fight by visiting and donating here at Steve’s Donation Page 

Thank you.

Deb_Booty Dad_Booty  Mary_Booty   Wendell_Booty  JP_ Booty

Sue_BootyWes_BootyAunt Annie_Booty   Aunt Ginny_Booty  Graham_Booty - Copy



Care Packages for Children Battling Cancer

Greetings everyone and as always thanks for checking in….

The 2016 cycling season has been somewhat hampered by the string of cold weather but I remain hopeful that we will be out hitting the streets soon enough all in an effort to help raise awareness for many of the causes we will be riding for.  We will have our first official event in the 2016 Kick Cancer to the Kurb Tour in April when the United in Grace Cycling Team will be participating in Virginia Tour De Cure.  It’s not too late to join the team or to donate to the team and help bring awareness to fight against Childhood Cancer and Diabetes ….You might say we are having a two for one sale !

The Fight against childhood cancer will remain our main focus for 2016 however we also wish to recognize many of the other charities we hope to support.  I’ve said this many times and will continue to say, while there are many organizations worthy of our effort I truly believe only by working together regardless of our own affiliation will we help bring attention, increase government funding, and above all a cure to many of the diseases. That is why I will continue to support my family and friends in their own personal passion and drive in helping where I can in the fight against Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) , and Cystic Fibrosis just to name a few.

The United in Grace Team is kicking off our 2016 Care Packages for Cancer Soldiers initiative. This is a great opportunity to sponsor a care package directly to a child and family battling cancer. Throughout the year we will be seeking donations that will go directly to constructing a care package that contains items for both the child undergoing cancer treatment as well their family.

A small donation of $20.00 will help bring smiles to children battling cancer.  Please consider donating directly to the United in Grace Fund Raising page at United In Grace .

You may also request a care package to a cancer warrior or donate items, please check out United In Grace Care Packages for more information.

Thanks for checking in and we will try and provide more updates more frequently 🙂



Right NOW….

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in…

All is well in the training world. Recently, I had a great opportunity to participate in a local ride in beautiful Smith Field, Virginia and it was great to see so many riders enjoying the “rolling” hills of Smith Field, but it sure seemed to be much more up than down.

Last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) identified 4 cancer nonprofits as “shams”.  As you can imagine, this has stirred some conversations and caused some anxiety for us regarding who to support in the future.  I can assure you that there are good people doing honorable work in the cancer fight each and every day.

More importantly there are some great efforts being made by  ordinary people  (though I”d argue all are extraordinary) in helping to bring awareness to not only to the Cancer Fight but other worthwhile causes.  As an example:

Right NOW there is a single individual riding his bike across country and back with a goal of reaching 10,000 miles all in an effort to help raise awareness in the Children’s Cancer Fight.  Check out his story and follow along in his journey by visiting the Ken’s 10,000 Miles for Childhood Cancer Facebook page.

Right NOW there is a 9 year trying to bring awareness about AML Leukemia.  Check out her Facebook page by “liking” and following along her story by visiting Tionna’s Walk

Right NOW there is nearly 11,000 Cyclists committed to helping raise awareness to the Children’s Cancer Fight by participating in the Great Cycle Challenge USA.  To Date nearly $600K has been raised in this effort.

Right NOW there is an effort to help support the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by participating in any of the Great Strides events  nationwide.

Right NOW there are many of my friends (ok, not as many as before but still) and fellow cancer advocates training for upcoming events, Triathlons, Cycling Challenges, Full and Half Marathons all in an effort to help bring awareness to the Cancer Fight.

Right NOW there is a group of 180 college students preparing to journey 4,000 miles across America offering hope, inspiration and support to cancer communities they meet along the way.  I have high hopes for this team as they are tomorrow’s leaders who will bring inspiration to those they meet and will earn the trust where it needs to be earned, out on the road. Follow along on their journey by visiting 4K For Cancer Fb page.

Hopefully this reminds us all that it’s truly about doing something and finding the passion and desire to help others, more than ourselves, and not feeling guilty about it. 

Cancer Changes Lives….so can YOU !!

Good luck to ALL!!! 




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Kids Get Cancer Too

 Greetings Everyone and Thank you for Checking in……

Training continues to go well and we are excited for the future although exact events that we will be participating in are still being considered. There are many upcoming rides and monthly cycling challenges in which we can help to promote the cancer fight and the great work many organizations are doing to help those and their families that need it most.

Recently I had the honor and privilege to present a true cancer fighter his honoree 2015 Key to Keys Jersey.  For those that were following along during the Key  to Keys ride, each day we held a dedication circle where we were each given an opportunity to tell and share who we were riding for that day.   The Dedication Circle experience remains one of the high points of the journey.  The stories and emotions that were shared and the support given and support received was genuine, and for that I will truly feel blessed by the experience.

During one Dedication Circle I stated I  was riding for Wes and that day I rode with Wes’ “I Ride For” button seen below.  While I didn’t know Wes’ story completely or even met Wes, , I did know that he is the epitome of what the K2K journey was and should always be about, and that is and will always be, recognizing and supporting those impacted by  cancer and helping to change lives in the process. He also should remind us as to the reason people with different visions and experiences should and can come together to help fight this disease and help to change lives in the process.

During K2K we rode for family, friends,  and friends of family & friends that we may not have known directly and while they are no less important to the reason we rode, it was truly a remarkable experience to present Wes’ with this Jersey and in a single moment understand all the good that can come out of the K2K experience while seeing the smile on a young boy who should inspire us all to work and come together to make it so.

I would encourage all my readers to check out Wes’ story and the battles that he and his family are so courageously fighting by following the link below to his Caring Fund raising page.  Please consider any size donation, after all “Kids Get Cancer Too”.

Wes’ Fund Raising Page

Thanks for checking in….

WesWes Button.

-Steve &  Deb


60+ Days Till Launch

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in. It’s been awhile since I posted an update and thought it was time to do so.  Thanks for all the support both financially in donations as well as all your words of encouragement and support, such as sharing of page to better help make aware of what we ALL are trying to accomplish.  I’ve attempted to make it fun in some ways to spearhead donations but truly every dollar no matter how small or large is much appreciated and goes to help cancer patients and we have never, nor will we ever lose sight of that fact.

In just over 60 days we will be launching from Key Highway in Baltimore Maryland in route to Key West Florida.  While I don’t know exactly what to expect on the ride, I have thrown my faith and trust in those that are coordinating and my fellow riders.  Many of the 2015 riders are return riders from earlier year rides.

Just to clarify, what I do know is that we will have a great ride. The leadership at the UCF have promised tailwinds the entire way. I think it’s important to also recognize the Drivers and Support Drivers that will help ensure our safety and navigation along the way. No team will ever be without a support vehicle and that is critical to our mission. We will even have a videographer with us to help document the ride.

I am excited to hopefully have the opportunity to meet some of my friends along the route as we travel through the states. While the exact route is still being planned out we will be stopping off in Virginia Beach ( I always wanted to visit there) , Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, Jacksonville FL, Daytona Beach, FT Lauderdale FL, Key Largo and Key West FL.

I encourage my followers to read some of the bios and reasons why other members of my team are riding.  We have a diverse field of passionate riders all dedicated to making this event (Much more of a ride) a huge success.

Again, thanks for checking and any donations would be greatly appreciated.



Steve & Deb



When “WE” is “YOU”

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in. This will be my final blog post for 2014.

It’s been a great year and we are extremely excited about everything 2015 has in store for us.   I can promise you that 2015 will be epic, and I hope all of you will continue to follow our journey.  Once again, and I can’t say this enough, thank you to all our donors and followers who have been following along in this journey.  We can’t do this alone and it is because of you that “we” are helping to change lives. 

Please remember “WE” includes “YOU”.  Thank you!

The holiday season is always a special time of the year for many reasons, but it has an additional celebratory meaning to both Deb and I.  Deb completed her cancer treatment in December 2007, right before Christmas and 2 weeks before I retired from the Navy. As you can imagine this was both a celebratory period of time for us but also a drastic shift in our life styles.

By the time Deb finished her radiation treatment, she had already returned to work but now it was time for me to find a job following my retirement.  Unfortunately the only job available at the time was located in Patuxent River MD.  I ended up accepting that job while Deb remained in Virginia and I commuted each weekend back to VA only to return to MD the following Monday

While there was some discussion to having Deb move up to Maryland permanently, one of many reasons we opted out of this plan was that Deb and I both felt that we wanted to continue having her current medical team nearby before we took that leap of faith and turn that responsibility to over to someone new.   The security of having her medical team nearby helped to provide us with our own security blanket. We were also concerned with her getting a job and Insurance with a pre-existing cancer diagnosis as many Insurance companies would refuse to pick her up so quickly following treatment.

So why am I telling you this?

Because, these are the issue we are trying to help cancer patients navigate through by placing a Patient Navigator at medical treatment centers such as the Walter Reed Medical Center.  Imagine your life thrown upside down and sideways for a year or even longer and once you complete your treatment you are still confronted with obstacles as a result of your Cancer diagnosis.  Cancer diagnosis follows you well after your treatment ends.

This is one, of the many, reasons I have chosen to ride in the 2015 Key to Keys ride benefiting the Ulman Cancer Fund.  Your donations will go to assist and provide services and resources to families and cancer patients directly confronting those similar issues today.

Your donations will directly impact and provide the assistance and support needed not just during treatment but following treatment as well. 

Please consider being part of “WE” by making any size donation to the fight.

Steve’s Fund raising Page

Thank you and happy holidays.

Steve & Deb




The Power of the Social Media Site in Fund Raising

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in.  I can’t tell you enough how appreciative Deb and I are of your overwhelming generosity so far.  We still have a ways to go but we remain confident, not just for our own individual fund raising, but also for every member of the K2K Team.

Fund raising is a definite skill and the use of social media these days is critical.  How did they do fund raising before all the social media was available?  Recently, I did a cupcake event at work to promote the K2K journey and included personal flyers about the event. Note to self: long extended hyperlinks on flyers don’t work really well!!!

I’ve had a lot of friends ask how they can help besides, or in addition to, donating. Simple answer, just share the post on occasion with your own friends and family.  Cancer affects so many, it is unlikely that you have a friend or family member that hasn’t been impacted by Cancer or knows someone who has.  This whole process we are undertaking is to help those that are, or have been, impacted by Cancer.  It really is that simple….

If you do the math, sharing one post a week will reach each of your friends who may even further share the post with their friends and it becomes a snowball effect and gains momentum.  That in itself is helping to spread the word on what this is really all about which is letting folks impacted by cancer know they aren’t alone.

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scene fund raising in addition to the use of social media sites and hope to continue that all the way through April.  Social media sites make it simple, but in many cases it’s the one on one and the sharing of the “why” you are doing it that really gets to the heart of the matter.  Don’t be hesitant to knock on a few doors.

As a reminder, it would be a great honor to ride either in memory of, or in honor of, someone you know who has been impacted by Cancer.


Thanks for Checking in….




The Importantance of the Patient Navigator

I continue to be encouraged by my friends and family to keep the blog posts going as WE continue this adventure and what an adventure it promises to be. Don’t forget that all donations are tax-deductible, meaning that as the end of the year approaches you can still take advantage of donating to this worthy cause while also taking advantage of a tax donation. WIN – WIN !!

As we gain more momentum on a lot of great ideas that are coming our way on how best to maximize our fund-raising and awareness efforts, I can’t say this enough, WE cannot do this journey without YOU.

I get many questions as to where these donations go. In this case the funds that YOU contribute will help place a Patient Navigator at local MD Cancer Hospitals including Walter Reed Medical Center to assist cancer patients and family in navigating the many hurdles associated with cancer treatment. These Patient Navigators are truly providing outstanding services to not only the cancer patient but to their immediate familiesl.

Deb and I were not fortunate enough to have a patient navigator to help us through the mine field. At the time, I was stationed onboard USS George Washington with the possibility of immediate overseas deployment. As you can imagine while my loyalty to the Navy was always a priority it immediately took a back seat to the challenges that Deb was about to undertake.

Imagine a young service member being told “You have Cancer” and being issued orders to report back to the states leaving his/her family and friends behind when they need them the most.

The patient navigator that YOU will help put in place at Walter Reed will help those service members navigate through the process and provide support and assistance.


I can not think of a more honorable calling then to be able to provide assistance to our outstanding service men and women when they need it the most. To all my friends and family please consider donating today and to all those that I have served with please help me help those that need it the most.

For more information on Walter Reed Medical Center where America Heals their Heroes please check out

Walter Reed Medical Center


Cyclists4ACause March Update and Cycling Tip

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stay up to date on Cyclists4ACause. I figured it was time to get an update out there so here it goes…

Training continues to go well. We had a slight break from the snow / cold and even had a few days where the temperatures got into the 70’s. Fortunately I was able to get out and get some good miles in during that time, but as always is the case in Virginia the weather has since turned colder and we are back to having to bundle up for the outdoor rides. There seems to be more and more cyclists out there every day despite the cold and inconsistent weather so we hope that trends continues.

Sometime over the last week or so we went over our 1000 mile (Road + Trainer) milestone in route to what hopefully will be a 5K year. I’m still taking it slow and trying keeping the mileage down to no greater than 20-25miles for any single ride/effort. I was able to sneak in a 40miler the other day with no detrimental impact but I do not want to risk back to back long days yet. My goal is to continue this upward trend until I can get back to riding 50miles consistently and with little to no repercussions the days following. There are a few metric centuries coming up later this year and I hope to get a few of those in, but that also means I need to start doing some hill work which I am a bit hesitant to try yet. The one thing I learned during this come back is how so important core strength is to a rider. I never previously took this into account and always counted on my leg strength to get me through any difficult rides.

Cyclists4ACause was able to collect and provide some support to a great bunch of folks who will be riding from Baltimore MD to Key West FL later in the year. This group has their work cut out for them but it should be a great ride and support a great cause. I am anxious to hear the route they will take as I hope to have some supplies / support somewhere along the ride for them when they come though on their epic journey.

Training Tip #4
With the rash of cold / brutal air this season and the fact that I started the training cycle back in January, which is 2 months earlier than any previous year, I relearned the importance of dressing warm. Let us be clear, even if I dress warm I still hate to ride in the cold ! Not sure if it is my imagination but everything on the bike seems to work in SLOW motion. The brakes don’t seem as responsive and the gears don’t seem as smooth. It may also be the fact that the rider is doing everything slower but I rather blame it on the bike. Nevertheless the key to cold weather riding is the ability to dress in layers. The other key is to walk outside and if you feel cold despite having your cycling kit on go back inside and put more layers on. You should actually feel warm and be able to ask yourself “did I over dress ?” If you start off on a ride feeling cold chances are it’s not going to get any better and more than likely it will get worse and get worse quickly. It is so much better to start off feeling warm and slowly shed the layers if you’re able to during the ride, than to start off cold and hope you warm up. I’m still finding it increasingly difficult to drink on colder rides but hydration is as important on colder rides as it is on warmer/hot rides. There are a lot of tricks to shedding your layers while riding but if you plan your route right you might be able to leverage some stops along the route where you can stash some gear and pick them up later, just make sure you pick them up as Cyclists don’t litter !! It’s even better to have a support vehicle available for the longer rides but that usually is hard to come by as most cyclists would rather ride than drive but support vehicles provide both a safety aspect and a huge convenience to the riders with the ability to stash supplies.

Thanks for checking in and stay safe  & warm on your rides….

Intro to VA Cyclists 4A Cause

Part of the blog contest is to write 500 words each week now through January and to socialize your blog on a social networking site. While I have no reasonable expectation to actually win the contest, the contest is more about learning and sharing your thoughts on your passion. Of course coming up with something to write about, let alone 500 words regarding a weekly subject, that I would hope would be interesting enough to read is really the challenge for me.
I do appreciate the positive and even some negative feedback on my blog page. I guess when you share your ideas there will always be the critics out there who feel the need to voice their opinion on the matter, I’m just glad folks are reading the posts. The purpose of this blog page is to continue to promote the fight against cancer and hopefully bring together others in the fight as well. For many of us we challenge ourselves in sporting events while at the same time trying to bring awareness to a cause.

While there are many organizations out there with similar goals, the purpose of the VA Cyclists4ACause (VC4AC) is to bring together cyclists (not necessarily from VA) to support in the cancer fight. The uniqueness of this effort allows you to pick what charity to support and there is no predetermined or mandatory fund raising limits required to participate. So whether you raise $10K or $10 or anywhere in between, it will always be about the cause. It even allows you to pick a local charity that might otherwise go unfunded or even worse unappreciated and unrecognized. For me there is nothing more satisfying than to raise money for a local charity or organization that is located right in your own city, town or even neighborhood. You might be surprised how many local charities there are within your own local community and normally they are the ones that are struggling financially but yet still provide quality in services to those that they serve.

I have been involved in the cancer fight for many years and have participated in numerous local and non-local events. Each event has been special and has proven to me the need to continue in the fight. I will always be impressed by the large teams who raise large amounts of money to support a single organization. But at the same time I always look for that one individual who is usually standing alone or riding on their own with little fanfare, usually in support of a less advertised or commercially supported organization. I believe their story is no less important to the fight.
For VC4AC there is still a great deal of work to be done. Fund raising is next on the agenda and we will explore ways to incorporate fund raising directly from the Cyclists4ACause site that goes directly to the charity of your individual choosing, no “admin” fees, no fees to support “coaching”. Every dollar you raise goes to the charity you select. In addition, I hope to roll out a calendar of events that will show where some events are planned that VC4AC members will be participating in and maybe a short bio of each of our members.

There is a lot to do in this effort and it promises to be a great ride.

Thanks for checking in….

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