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Cyclists4ACause 2013 In Review

I guess it would be only appropriate to give a short review of 2013 season before we dive into 2014. While I stated in an earlier blog that 2013 wasn’t the year I had hoped for it certainly wasn’t a complete bust either.
The 2013 season started off in early January riding with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team in Training (TNT). While I always try to keep my riding year round as best I can, the fact that we started off riding in early January in the bitter cold added a new dimension to my training regimen. Despite the cold we were able to get in a few rides that helped prepare for the remaining season in good form. The training for the LLS TNT was all in preparation for the Tour De Chocolate later in the year.

By the time May rolled around we were all ready to take on the hills of Hershey and everyone completed their 100 mile ride and we actually had some fun along the way. As I stated before, I get enjoyment from watching riders accomplish their goals no matter what their goals may be. The only bad thing about the Tour De Chocolate was the fact that this was the 1st indication I had that something that wasn’t right in my lower back. Little did I know at the time that the little twinge I was feeling in my lower back would turn out to be a thorn in my side for much of the remaining 2013 season.
On July 4th we had our inaugural ride of the Cyclists4ACause group. This ride turned into a ride through the low lands of the Virginia Coastline and much of the ride was in nearly ½ foot of water runoff from the week prior rain storms.

In August, I participated in the 2013 24hrs Of Booty. Once again this ride is a pure joy to participate in and to have my wife and my Mom along cheering me on every loop made the event even more enjoyable. Even though I have been riding most of my life I always seem to find ways to screw up the day of the ride and 24hrs of Booty was no different. Despite knowing better, I erred in my preparation for the ride and as a result never really got into the ride either mentally or physically. Despite that fact the ride provided some fond memories and we definitely will be looking at participating once again in possibly even two of the Booty rides that are held each year.

Later in August I was able to complete the yearly 100 Miles of Nowhere Fat Cyclist challenge once again helping to bring awareness to the Cancer fight. The 100 Miles of Nowhere (100MON) is an event designed to test you both physically and mentally. This year I participated by doing 400+ loops around my office building. I still plan to participate in the 2014 100MON challenge but I think I am going to try and find a bit longer loops than the <1/4 mile loop I did in 2013.

Following the 2013 100 MON I took some time off the bike to let my body heal only to realize that the soreness in my back and the numbness in my feet weren’t getting any better with off time. It took a few months to get the correct diagnosis but once it was identified we started the necessary treatment and physical therapy that hopefully will allow me to ride even better in 2014. Just recently I was able to get on the bike and ride for a good hour with minimum discomfort and more importantly the day following I was able to walk with no more than just a bit of discomfort. I consider this a good measure on how well the treatments are working. Hopefully I will be able to continue this measurement as necessary to ensure that come 2014 I’ll be able to meet all the goals I have established.
Well that seems be the highpoints of the 2013 season.

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