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Advocating for Childhood Cancer Isn’t Easy But There Is One Thing Even More Difficult…


Thanks everyone for checking in….

It’s been a busy month supporting the annual United In Grace’s 2017 Wes’ Wish Toy Drive. We are overwhelmed with the community support we continue to receive including from our local business partners who are acting as drop off locations throughout the local area, our donors who are sponsoring Chemo Ducks, and of course our friends and family who are helping to collect toys and spread the word. We could not do this without the support of each and every one of you, Thank You !!

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Replace Awareness with Action


Welcome and Thanks for checking in.  

  Today (September 1st) marks the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time of year that many organizations and individuals join in the fight against childhood cancer and help to bring awareness and funding to the fight against this disease.

For some of us that have the same vision throughout the entire year we say “Thank you” and appreciate the emphasis your engagement will have over the course of the September.  We believe only by working together can we truly make the necessary strides required to bring attention to this cause.

While awareness is great and we definitely can’t have too much awareness, I would further challenge readers and followers to take “Action” by doing something that helps carry this message well beyond the end of the month.

Some examples of “Actionable”’ items include,

  1. Writing a letter to your State and National Legislators urging them to increase funding at both the State and National levels for childhood cancer research. There are many online tools to help you craft and send emails directly to your state and national representatives.
  2. Volunteering at a local childhood cancer hospital (or any cancer center) and learning what programs and services they offer. Share what you learn.
  3. Contacting a local Non Profit Cancer organization and seeing if you can help them.
  4. Participate in local events that help to raise awareness in your local community. If there isn’t’ an event, start one.
  5. Find an organization that you believe in and learn what programs and services they offer. Share what you lean with your networks.

Only by working together, not only during the month of September but the rest of the year, can we truly make a difference in not only childhood cancer but all cancers including Children, Young Adult, Adult, and Seniors, after all doesn’t #Everycanstorycount ?

Thanks for checking in…,

Disclaimer:  Please excuse any typos as my editor is on vacation.

MY Not so Weekly Update…..

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in

It’s been a quiet few weeks since my return from Florida and training continues to ramp up as we move forward in the riding season.

Thank you to the 43+ donors that supported the fund raising effort and everyone who supported us through their words and encouragement.  A special thank you to many  of you for supporting other riders and for putting your trust in us, which at the time, was a good faith effort in an attempt to assist others with reaching their individual and overall team goals.  Unfortunately I don’t know the final outcome of the total fund raising but I do know the team was successful in funding the patient navigator position who will assist America’s warriors and heroes as they battle cancer.  Thank you !!

We continue to believe there are organizations out there worthy of our collective support and efforts.  Please continue to trust that we will continue to seek out and find those organizations which best support what we believe should be the #1 mission of those organizations and that is, and will always be, providing only the best in support to those impacted by cancer and who are willing to work to bring a diverse group of individuals to support that mission in a respectful, courteous, and safe manner for all participant’s.

For those that have been following along, May is National Bike month and I am using it as a tune up to the Great Cycling Challenge that begins in June and which helps to bring awareness to the Children’s Cancer Fight.

This year, Deb and I have opted out of our yearly tradition of participating in the 24hrs of Booty ride in Columbia MD benefiting many local and national organizations.  This was the ride where we traditionally celebrated not only Deb’s personal victory, but in memory of all those who have fought or are now fighting.  We will miss the camaraderie and the entire 24hours of Booty experience, but we will be looking at other options in the future to start a new and exciting tradition.

We hope to connect with some of my long time and even some of my new cycling friends as well as family and friends throughout the year in discussion about how best to help bring awareness and attention to the cancer fight. We still believe there is a way to support that fight while remaining passionate and respectful to each other’s vision and ideals.

Thanks everyone for checking in and please stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting rest of 2015.

– Steve & Deb


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The Power of the Social Media Site in Fund Raising

Hi everyone and thanks for checking in.  I can’t tell you enough how appreciative Deb and I are of your overwhelming generosity so far.  We still have a ways to go but we remain confident, not just for our own individual fund raising, but also for every member of the K2K Team.

Fund raising is a definite skill and the use of social media these days is critical.  How did they do fund raising before all the social media was available?  Recently, I did a cupcake event at work to promote the K2K journey and included personal flyers about the event. Note to self: long extended hyperlinks on flyers don’t work really well!!!

I’ve had a lot of friends ask how they can help besides, or in addition to, donating. Simple answer, just share the post on occasion with your own friends and family.  Cancer affects so many, it is unlikely that you have a friend or family member that hasn’t been impacted by Cancer or knows someone who has.  This whole process we are undertaking is to help those that are, or have been, impacted by Cancer.  It really is that simple….

If you do the math, sharing one post a week will reach each of your friends who may even further share the post with their friends and it becomes a snowball effect and gains momentum.  That in itself is helping to spread the word on what this is really all about which is letting folks impacted by cancer know they aren’t alone.

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scene fund raising in addition to the use of social media sites and hope to continue that all the way through April.  Social media sites make it simple, but in many cases it’s the one on one and the sharing of the “why” you are doing it that really gets to the heart of the matter.  Don’t be hesitant to knock on a few doors.

As a reminder, it would be a great honor to ride either in memory of, or in honor of, someone you know who has been impacted by Cancer.


Thanks for Checking in….




The Importantance of the Patient Navigator

I continue to be encouraged by my friends and family to keep the blog posts going as WE continue this adventure and what an adventure it promises to be. Don’t forget that all donations are tax-deductible, meaning that as the end of the year approaches you can still take advantage of donating to this worthy cause while also taking advantage of a tax donation. WIN – WIN !!

As we gain more momentum on a lot of great ideas that are coming our way on how best to maximize our fund-raising and awareness efforts, I can’t say this enough, WE cannot do this journey without YOU.

I get many questions as to where these donations go. In this case the funds that YOU contribute will help place a Patient Navigator at local MD Cancer Hospitals including Walter Reed Medical Center to assist cancer patients and family in navigating the many hurdles associated with cancer treatment. These Patient Navigators are truly providing outstanding services to not only the cancer patient but to their immediate familiesl.

Deb and I were not fortunate enough to have a patient navigator to help us through the mine field. At the time, I was stationed onboard USS George Washington with the possibility of immediate overseas deployment. As you can imagine while my loyalty to the Navy was always a priority it immediately took a back seat to the challenges that Deb was about to undertake.

Imagine a young service member being told “You have Cancer” and being issued orders to report back to the states leaving his/her family and friends behind when they need them the most.

The patient navigator that YOU will help put in place at Walter Reed will help those service members navigate through the process and provide support and assistance.


I can not think of a more honorable calling then to be able to provide assistance to our outstanding service men and women when they need it the most. To all my friends and family please consider donating today and to all those that I have served with please help me help those that need it the most.

For more information on Walter Reed Medical Center where America Heals their Heroes please check out

Walter Reed Medical Center


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